Live the Present

May 27, 2018

Present – just as it relates to time, it also symbolically signifies that living in the present is a gift given to mankind. The past is gone, the future is unknown, present is what is true. If this is understood by people, then being and living in the present shouldn’t be a problem at all. But more often than not, what happens is that we humans tend to become slaves of time and memory which ultimately leads us to continue living in the past or thinking about the future that we forget to experience the small joys that the present has to offer. Of course, the past and future is important too. Using your past experiences to take wise decisions in the present, and thinking about the consequences of present decisions in the future is an important aspect of self-preservation. But dwelling over something that has already happened or worrying over what might happen in the future will not allow humans to be peacefully rooted in the present.

In our fast-paced life, always racing towards and against time, we as humans have inevitably become victims of time. But it has to be understood that this time is a human made concept and is more or less an illusion which makes us delusional to be actually controlled by something that doesn’t even exist. What we are now, what we see now, what we do now, is the only truth there is ultimately. Do what has to be done today and let it go of your past and stop worrying about the future which is uncertain. Henry David Thoreau, who was a famous American essayist and poet has said “The meeting of two eternities, the past and the future, is precisely what the present is made up of”.

  1. true as you say.. thanks for sharing!

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