Inner Peace

Oct 5, 2018
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You keep hearing how important mental health and inner peace are for living a healthy and long life. But do you know that inner peace can be cultivated by following certain habits daily? Here are a few of them:

  1. Be Thankful: Before you begin your day, thank God for being alive and be grateful for another precious day. Thank Him all through the day for little things like when your children come back from school, when you get your pay check in your account, etc.
  2. Check your mind: If your mind wanders towards negative things and feelings, check it by affirming a positive thought. If your mind starts to feel negatively about someone, bring your mind to stop thinking about that person and concentrate on something positive like listening to music or reading a book.
  3. Be kind and considerate to others: Practice being consistently kind to people around you. Always be willing to help and share. A kind person derives immense satisfaction for his small acts of kindness and revels in immense inner peace.
  4. Value time: Procrastination is one thing that is eats away our inner peace like termites eats wood. Time is precious and one should value it enough not to waste it. Do your things on time and see yourself becoming more content and at peace with yourself.
  5. Sit in silence: Sitting in silence for a few minutes during the day and just enjoying your own company will calm your mind greatly and contribute to your inner peace.

  1. absolutely correct

  2. Peace of mind refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm..

  3. Have nothing unresolved. …
    Surrender and accept what is. …
    Take full responsibility for how you react to others. …
    Become aware of and sensitive to feelings rather than ignoring them. …
    Tell the entire truth. …

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