Improving self-esteem and living a better life

Dec 23, 2019

One common question counselors and psychologists of all kinds find themselves these days on how to improve self-esteem. The majority of the people who pose this question tend to be those who have come to a decision that most of the unhappiness in their lives is attributable to low self-esteem. They, therefore, seek to know how they can improve their self – esteem and hence overcome the unhappiness in their lives brought by low self-esteem – conversely increasing the happiness in their lives.

Low self-esteem and unhappiness

The assumption that at least some happiness is brought about by low self-esteem is one we have to deal with, before proceeding with the discussion on how to improve self-esteem and increase your happiness. We first of all need to handle the query as to whether, indeed, it is true that some unhappiness is brought about by low self-esteem. While most people have already accepted it as a statement of fact, there are those who prefer to contest it. But given the fact that this is not really a discussion on the relationship between low self-esteem and unhappiness, we are not going to dwell too much on that question.

One of the great worries caused in our lives is what others will think of us. This tends to be inversely related to our self-esteem. This is to say, the lower our self-esteem, the greater the worry about other’s perceptions to us tend to be. Conversely, the higher our levels of self-esteem, the less/lower our worry about other’s perceptions of us.


Higher self-esteem leads to more happiness

Now, consider this: how great would your happiness (then it is now) if you did not worry too much about others’ perception of you like what others might think you, what others might tell about you… and so on? If you answer that question honestly, you will see how working to improve self-esteem can result in enhanced happiness.

Of course, there are various other mechanisms through which improved self-esteem results in enhanced happiness. It is also worth remembering that people with high self-esteem tend to have a better relationship with themselves.

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