Inner peace – simple steps to achieve it

Dec 23, 2019

If you are struggling for inner peace in troubled times, is a gift you offer to yourself. Given the hectic and hustle and bustle lives, we lead it hard to feel calm inside especially when you face conflicting demands from your work and family commitments. Today’s post is all about inner peace and how to achieve it. This will help you stay peaceful and calm when stress levels are skyrocketing and you are under pressure to think straight and make important plans.


The state of being inside your heart is inner peace where you feel grounded and connected and at ease with your world around and body. When you exercise, specifically a mind-body physical activity like yoga, have a restorative bodywork session, you enable your body to breathe and let go of physical tension and emotions. Once you are comfortable with this, it becomes easier for you to feel the sense of connection and alignment between mind and body.

Nourish and nurture yourself

A sound mind in a healthy body is a famous quote. From a yogic perspective, your mind and body are inextricably linked. The more you look and care about your body the easier it becomes for you to stay positive and bright. And when you feel cheerful and bubbly, your mind is a step closer to being in that state of peace and calm. Try to eat wholesome energy-rich foods, regular sleep habits, seasonal detox, massages, etc.

Be passionate

Time flies when you are engaged. Maybe you are a baker or a singer, practice something you care about regularly and which makes you feel great inside. As long as your actions don’t harm others, being passionate and creative, puts you in the flow and enables your expansive energy to soar and rise.

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