Practising yoga for insomnia

Dec 23, 2019

Most people practice yoga for its various benefits. But, a very few people are able to list all the advantages of yoga. They might be able to list the physical improvements that can be bagged such is increased flexibility and limberness. They can also mention the mental health advantages like as reduced stress levels. But they often are unaware of various ancillary advantages that yoga us able to offer. Case in point, yoga can actually help you reverse issues linked with insomnia. Yes, you read that correctly – yoga can actually help you improve your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Is this possible?

There are various reasons why Yoga has the potential to enhance your ability to sleep. As mentioned previously, the ability to calm your mind with yoga will reduce your stress levels with significant impact in terms of eliminating the inability to fall asleep. This is not a surprise. When you are stressed out and dealing a great deal of anxiety, its not exactly easy to fall asleep. When you perform regularly during the day, you can eliminate and disperse much of the stress that might be keeping you awake at night.

You could slip into a meditative state as you are lying in bed. You might not exactly be in a yoga stretching posture but you can mimic the breathing patterns linked with yoga. Its is also possible to empty out the mind and calm down. This can eliminate the anxiety you deal with and help you to doze off. Also, yoga greatly combat stress and when you lessen those stress levels you boost your potential to get a reliable amount of sleep.


Yoga does have extra benefits that many people are unaware of. The ability to reverse issues with insomnia is one of them. If you are experience sleep issues, yoga might prove to be helpful.

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