How do you beat anxiety when you are alone in a 21-day lockdown?

Mar 30, 2020

Live and focused in the present… we get anxiety about the disease , future and even whether this lock down will continue more… about the disease follow the preventive measures prescribed by the government and have foods which will strengthen the immune system… simplest thing is to have hot water throughout the day at regular intervals or whenever you feel like taking water..
About how to kill time for the next 21days ..

Dont think in longer version.. ie dont think about 21days… think about only today like how to spend.. plan the day… spend some time on book reading.. we have the advantage of internet luckily good you tube , WhatsApp videos of positive information… spend some time on that… nature of our body , mind is that when you focused on something intensely, you tend to get sleep .. enjoy the sleep .. during these times, you start even sleeping in the afternoon.. especially after lunch your body tends to get sleep easily, if you take an effort.. plan for listening to music sometime.. that’s a very good positive energy… Even you have smile app, karaoke version of songs .. you can enjoy singing even if you are not a professional…
finally since you have the internet, gain knowledge by searching and even about your future you can plan… if you want to enter into some career planning or start some business, gather information and list down the plan how to go about it.. spend some time on visualizing about what you want to achieve… visualize as if you have achieved like… it will create the opportunities and sources for you to achieve the goal…

Visualize anything positively, be focused in the present moment and acceptance of anything is the best way to overcome anxiety… acceptance gives the much needed instant relief from anything.. we always think why its happening to me , instead of accepting the status… start accepting even the present situation of 21 days lock down and being alone … immediately you will come out of that anxiety atleast for sometime… continue thinking that and you will come out of it for ever.

To sum up this, I want to tell one important fact is mind will get used to any situation.. because we are new to this we are confused, irritated… see after 7 or 10 days more we will get used to this and the complaints too will get decreased..
Take advantage of this situation and use it in a wiser way

How do you think positively inspite of facing failures

Mar 20, 2020

Success is not about the results what we desire to get… it’s about the genuine efforts we are taking… most of the times it brings in the desired ones… if it’s not accept it… humans defined success as getting positive results,.earning big money , car , fame , power etc… according to the almighty it is about the genuine ethical efforts … if it’s not now later atleast you will be rewarded…

If you develop this above specified attitude then you dont have to worry about the desired results…you will continue to be in positive mode and start doing lot of things.. meanwhile you learn from the so called ” failures “… lot of things you learn from it about what to do and what not to do.. next time definitely it will be an improved performance…

About still continue to being positive, spend sometime every day on visualizing things positively .. whatever you want it to happen, start visualizing as if it has happened like.. it will create the sources and opportunities for you to achieve it.. .. create a circle of being only with people of positive mindset will help you to be in positive mode..

What is the difference between a good person and a great person?

Mar 16, 2020

Lot of people are good… they will be ethical .. but when it comes to a difficult situation, they will find it difficult to manage… if there is a short cut or an unethical way to solve or overcome the situation, then they take that way… they think compromising certain things once in a while , not a big sin… the reason being unable to take in big pain…
Moreover for achieving greatness the so called good people have to sacrifice lot of things… they have to take lot of responsibilities, do lot of hard work and very importantly have to sacrifice lot of materialistic, sensory pleasures … these things normal good people will hesitate to do… only people with greatest ambitions, goals , leadership skills will do this to achieve greatness…

Can the mind be quiet? If so then how to keep it quiet


It cannot be quiet unless you take an effort to make it quiet… usually considering the present scenario in the world with fast technology , cultural changes and highest intelligence energy levels , it’s very very difficult to keep your mind quiet…the materialistic and comfort levels are at the highest to pose a big challenge to the human existence with calmness… unless a disciplined Spiritual excercises are done consistently it’s very difficult to keep your mind quiet… kriyas / pranayamas keep your body calm and its setting the platform to do an effective meditation… if both are done consistently then it keeps your mind to realise and be ethical .. being ethical is very important… otherwise the effects of karma will spoil your calmness.. so it’s a chain of events … kriyas / pranayamas and meditation can keep your mind calm.. but some people after even doing this they act against realizations and face the respective karmas.. ultimate it’s back to square… so its important to maintain this chain … kriyas / pranayamas, meditation, realizations, good karmasl and ultimately leads to a beautiful calm quiet mind.

Meditation should be made as a discipline

Mar 12, 2020

Meditation is not only about closing your eyes , mouth and it’s even about closing your thoughts.. create the necessary base for meditation to happen… it’s not about every day you will have effective meditation… sometimes it happens and sometimes will not… dont be result orientated immediately… irrespective of it’s boring and sometimes ineffective meditation , continue to do that as a discipline at any cost.. 100 percent you will start ruling it , there will be a good change in your attitude and people will see a good personality in you… and that will change your whole life . .. it’s also about giving much needed rest to the mind at regular intervals … after regular meditation practice you will have clarity in your thoughts of handling each issue.. it helps to be focused in what you do and helps you to blank the unnecessary thoughts

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