How do you think positively inspite of facing failures

Mar 20, 2020

Success is not about the results what we desire to get… it’s about the genuine efforts we are taking… most of the times it brings in the desired ones… if it’s not accept it… humans defined success as getting positive results,.earning big money , car , fame , power etc… according to the almighty it is about the genuine ethical efforts … if it’s not now later atleast you will be rewarded…

If you develop this above specified attitude then you dont have to worry about the desired results…you will continue to be in positive mode and start doing lot of things.. meanwhile you learn from the so called ” failures “… lot of things you learn from it about what to do and what not to do.. next time definitely it will be an improved performance…

About still continue to being positive, spend sometime every day on visualizing things positively .. whatever you want it to happen, start visualizing as if it has happened like.. it will create the sources and opportunities for you to achieve it.. .. create a circle of being only with people of positive mindset will help you to be in positive mode..

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