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February 20, 2020 at 9:48 am

Hearing what you’re saying it sounds like you’re probably very analytical by nature, and there might or might not be an emotional barrier inside you that is influencing the way you express your emotions.
There is a difference between having a low intensity of emotions and lack of emotions. Low intensity just means that you feel emotions, but just not as much as the person beside you. They want to celebrate over a promote, and you just want a cup of Starbucks. Lack of emotions is where there is blockage of emotions. It’s tough to identify it unless you are looking for it, but you can definitely feel the difference.

March 27, 2020 at 10:03 am

Analytical Nature – There are some people that are just more analytical by nature, so they are not so emotionally attached and that’s ok. They should still feel some degree of emotions, but they can be seen as ruthless, cold-heart or robotic by other people. It can be that they are not used to expressing their emotions so that they dominate their functional conscious with logical decisions. Emotions are rarely touched, so they rarely show up.
But this is you. There is nothing wrong with you being more logical than others, just learn to be more empathic with others.
Emotional Barriers – This part is where is the internal you, due to some kind of previous event subconsciously decided to seal your emotions off to the world. It can be some kind of abuse, bully, relational hurt, losing a loved one, etc. What can seem like very logical decisions can actually be hard mental boundaries that you have set for yourself in order to protect yourself.
Not showing any emotions when your family passed away, being completely ok with breaking up with your significant other are both possible ways that you are subconsciously protecting yourself.
You don’t have to actually feel like you are resisting the emotions to know that you are blocking the emotions. It’s only when your emotional barriers are somehow breached which will create like a tide wave of emotions. In this situation, there is a lot to do with self-esteem, self-worth, and how your past events have influenced you to act in this way to protect yourself.
To have emotions is to be human. Regardless of what type of personality you have, we all still need to learn how to manage your emotions. If you haven’t gotten much chance to feel emotions or let your body experience the full sensation of emotions, you might not be comfortable with it.

Most of the time, we reject the negative emotions, so we don’t learn how to handle it. The less you know & experience your own emotions, the more intense the outburst is going to be when you do feel emotions.
If you have emotional barriers, you have to look to critical past events and work through the underlying causes. Right now, it more about trying to avoid emotions altogether because of fear and lack of control of emotions once it resurfaces.
Therapists are great starts, because they will walk you through and help you understand your own emotional psychology more. If you are just by yourself, think back to events where you don’t want to remember and how it has impacted you. Writing and processing it will be your first step

March 27, 2020 at 11:23 am

1) There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you.
2) You are attractive to women and women trust you.
3) You likely prefer to make Thinking judgments.
4) You may have a key strategy ‘to Detach,’ intended to serve as a means to fulfill your basic desire: to become ever more capable and competent.
5) Opposites attract. You are likely to be attracted to women who prefer to make judgments using Feeling.
6) Your key strategy ‘to Detach,’ likely serves you well in your relationships with things, business, community and most male friends.
7) The same strategy does not function nearly as well, all by itself, inside your Romantic relationships.
8) When you acknowledge a woman’s values – by honoring her appetites for Adaptation, Grace, Relating and Protagonism – you will ‘bridge the gender gap,’ begin to really understand women and ‘show up’ emotionally for a GF.