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March 27, 2020 at 11:40 am

Things I learnt from my life:
1. There are people behind you who expect something from you and believe that you can do it.
2. The society may flatter you when you are successful but will laugh behind your back when you are down.
3. Don’t let emotions overcome your goal. Trust me I had a very bad break-up a week before entering IIM A.
4. Take chances because all the opportunities in life come only in the form of chances

That’s how the school boy who used to work as a coolie after school to build his own home came this far. And today, when I look back I can still see my dad hugging me during my IIMA days with wet eyes saying “People call me Hareesh’s dad today, they even forgot my name. I am so proud of you”- The best day of my life 🙂