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February 20, 2020 at 4:21 am

I was watching this new series from TVF which is called Kota Factory and a scene happened where the student encounters with the most valuable physics teacher and convince him to get his batch changed because he feels that he’s deserving.

February 20, 2020 at 8:53 am


It is the duty of a wife to try to make her husband happy.

It is the duty of a husband to try to make his wife happy.

If you are not trying to make your spouse happy, why are you married? If your spouse is not trying to make you happy, why are you married?

The best way to make your spouse happy is to continue to do the things that attracted them to you in the first place. Keep a healthy weight, be sexy, show affection, work hard, laugh harder.

February 20, 2020 at 9:53 am

About 1.5 months back, I was sitting on my sofa chilling out. My dad had bought a new land, so we were celebrating.
My grandmother was busy preparing Gajar ka Halva( a sweet dish) for everybody, nobody makes better than her. It was almost beautiful.
And suddenly, my father gets a phone call from the hospital. The gloomy news about to hit in. My grandma was diagnosed with Oesophagal Cancer (throat).
( A week back, she was feeling uneasy swallowing, so went to hospital. Went through some tests. And there came the reports. )
We had no cancer history, whatsoever. My house environment was like someone just died. We didn’t know how to react. The perfectly fine lady serving us halva, was soon to be dead. We couldn’t accept, I couldn’t accept.
I foraged the entire internet. Google said survival rate is 20%. I searched & searched and searched.
Tell me when was the last time you tapped on the 2nd page of google search result? Well I recently did.
& on the 9th page, came a link of some American Cancer hospital where i found a story of a guy who had beaten Oesophagal Cancer.
& There I stopped. I had finally found the only 1 thing I was desperately searching for.
I just said 1 thing to her, “Amma, you don’t give up on life & we won’t give up on you and Together we will beat this.”
My solution:
If you really are craving for something, you will find a solution to fill your crave.
Ignore thousand reasons why its not gonna work, and search for that 1 reason why it will.

March 27, 2020 at 10:09 am

I’m sitting in the train and I hear someone crying, screaming, and howling in the next compartment.
There was a crowd that’d gathered around whoever was crying.
Intrigued, I rushed there.
I see a girl, about my age, on the phone, crying her lungs out.
On asking around I found out that she’d just lost her father thirty minutes ago, and she’d just received the news.
I immediately ran and sat next to her.
She cried and cried and cried.
Papa mar gaye.
The crowd dispersed in about 5 minutes and then there were two aunties, me, a little girl, and one guy.
As I sat there, I heard them speak utter nonsense.
One aunty said that her family was extremely irresponsible for telling her the news while she was on the train.
Another said that she should eat. The guy said that he’d lost his mother a few years ago and how life goes on.
Then the aunties chipped in to say how they’d lost their father and mother too when they were very young.
They asked her to stop crying, they asked her to eat, and when she wouldn’t, they almost forced her to.
I sat there and I looked at her.
All of this was irritating her and making her cry more.
I asked the aunties to stop talking.
The girl immediately joined me to ask them to shut up.
They did.
I told her to not eat if she didn’t want to.
The aunties protested, but I stopped them, and told them to let her be.
They did.
In fifteen minutes, they left.
I sat with her in silence, all alone.
For the next ten minutes, we didn’t say a word. Then I introduced myself.
I started by telling her that if she didn’t want to do something, she had every right not to.
None of us knew what she was going through.
I also told her that I was going to sit with her for as long as she needed me, and if she wanted to cry I’ll hold her hand for as long as she wanted.
She opened up while I listened.
I didn’t interrupt her, but to ask more questions.
She spoke for an hour.
By then, she was talking about how much her father loved her, her family, and the little things her father did for her.
In another 30 minutes, as I sat beside her, she gathered up the courage to call her mother.
In another hour, she ate a Hide and Seek I offered her, and in half an hour she finished her food.
All the while, she spoke, and I listened.
In another hour, she smiled at a joke I cracked.
By the time I left, and this girl sat beside her, she was fine, she’d smiled a couple of times, and I knew about her entire life.
As I left, she thanked me a hundred million times.
She hadn’t healed, but she would make it through somehow to reach home.
Q – How do I stay positive during tough times?
Surround yourself with the right people.
People who know that at times people don’t need advice, they just need someone to listen to them.
People who build you up, instead of using you as an excuse to talk about themselves.
People who understand that they’ll never understand what you’re going through.
People who’ll stand by you as you learn to walk again.

March 27, 2020 at 11:28 am


As the old professor scribbled the day’s lesson on the chalkboard, a brash student could be overheard mumbling: “Why can’t we just skip class and take exams online already?”
The old professor—ever up for a duel—abruptly threw down the gauntlet. “I’ll make a deal with you . . . you saucy rascals.”
He paced a bit with hands behind back . . . with twinkle in front eye. Then the professor proposed as follows:
Whoever from among you can bring me a compass so uniquely designed as to only have a north point devoid of its southern counterpart, why, not only shall you be exempt from class but you shall ace the course!

Not even the mighty Universe would dare break the even mightier Law of Compensation!
After all, Sir Isaac Newton’s famed law “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” merely applies the Law of Compensation to motion.
Sure, Experience is the hard teacher that gives tests before study guides, but even she has enough courtesy to remind her students of life that:
When one foot steps forward, the other foot trails behind. …
Comedians learn to tell jokes from sorrow. …
Saints are born from the womb of sinners. …
The Yin puked up the Yang!
Life is a slow death.

For the above reason, what has long been called the Yin & the Yang is, in reality, merely the Law of Compensation.
Each morning we wake up leaves an aftertaste of birth . . . each night we retire serves a foretaste of death.
Indeed, sleep—which Shakespeare called “the cousin of death”—is merely the interest we mortals must pay on the loan!
And so, given that not even in sleep are we granted immunity from paying the universal tax, why would we suppose the law ceases to apply when awake?
Positive and Negative are merely Siamese twins. …
Sure, one twin is black and the other is white, but nevertheless after Father Time impregnated Mother Nature, she gave birth to both:

For the above reason, the key to remaining “positive” during negative times merely calls for embracing the negative twin.
In other words, chew on these vitamins for thought:

Here lies the key to seeing the rainbow hidden in life’s present storm!
In short, the Law of Compensation guarantees: the more negative your today feels, the more positive will be your tomorrow!