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We are a platform built to talk about any sphere of human endeavors, be it spiritual, emotional, practical or material. We provide thoughtful methods and solutions for self-care and self realization. Our aim is to make a difference in people’s life by taking them through the simple and basic things in the wonderful journey of life.


We bring the words and thoughts of our Guru into organized mood boards and blogs, making it a one stop destination for all your life queries. You are sure to feel refreshed after a scroll through our page!
Our Guru, Rajkumar Annamalai, is a well-known face known to have helped many who have struggled with their emotional and mental wellbeing. He is specially recognized on the Quora platform for providing enlightening answers to those in distress or looking for a deeper meaning in life.


This is an open and friendly space for discussion where you can talk about your ideas and thoughts with one other in the community. We are open to chat over any topic that benefits the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul, especially if it means aligning them together.


We strive to build a strong community where help is extended and welcomed by one and all. Being an open online platform, we hope to be a one stop destination for all your-self development needs and queries.


To bring about and discuss interesting and helpful topics on our forums. We wish to spread about positivity to every visitor on our site.


Your mind is a beautiful servant and a dangerous master. This platform is an open space to talk about everything related to the mind. It is a platform that fosters calmness, clarity as well as creativity in your mind through healthy forum discussions and blogs. With our forum talking about all kinds of problems being faced, we strive to build a strong community where we can help and support each other with the best possible solutions for any issue. Not only is it great place to resolve external issues, but also internal problems such as relieving stress, letting go off ego, beating depression and many more common issues. It is also a great way to connect with like-minded people not only through the forum discussions, but also through the frequent webinars that take place twice a month and the live seminars in Chennai every month. Given the guidance of the guru, Mr.Rajkumar, all content and discussions on this platform (online and offline) promote a healthy mindset and positive thoughts only. If you are looking for a safe, caring and encouraging support system to help you deal with life’s dreary problems, this platform is made just for you!


1. This platform does not encourage any vulgarity talks and discussions on caste, religion or politics. Members initiating or getting involved in any of these topics or topics creating chaos will be removed from the forum. It is strictly a page to help and support one another in the community. Any content posted that may demean someone or a group will not be entertained and will be taken down and the member involved in discussion will be removed from the group immediately.

2. The founder or the page admin will recognize 5 members every month, who have been active and responsive in the group and have been positively involved in discussions. Members providing positive and note-worthy solutions will have an upper edge over those just being active. These members will be chosen and rewarded well by Mr.Rajkumar himself. This is a motivator for everyone to contribute and foster healthy conversations on the platform.

3. The founder will play an active role in answering important and mind boggling questions in the forum. Moreover, he will be available for live chats that last for over 2 hours to answer questions and doubts from the members of the group. The information about the upcoming live chats will be put up on the forum. It is the duty of the members to keep them updated on such events.

4. Members of the group are welcome to contribute as guest writers in the blog sections. All you have to do is mail us the content along with the details of the Author, and it will be published on our page. The content can be mailed at support@itsonlymind.com. The content must be in sync with the forum’s purpose. Any misleading information or content will not be published.

5. An online webinar will be conducted once in 15 days and the details of the webinar will be put up on the site well in advance. These webinars will discuss topics and solutions ranging from different levels and is the best way to connect with members from other parts of the country or world. The members who are interested to be a part of this online seminar, need to keep an eye on the events page of the blog and register for the event individually. They will receive a special invitation by the team to be a part of the webinar, post their registration.
Physical meeting will be conducted in Chennai once in a month and the details of the meeting will be updated on the page. These events are a great space to open and have a face-face discussion on topics that matter and help each other by being a support group. For those interested, all you have to do is register for the event with your details and you will be personally invited for the event.

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