Acceptance Is The Key To Happiness

Although it is easy to say acceptance is the key to happiness, accepting whatever is coming your way or worse being thrown at you, isn’t entirely an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of courage, strength and mental valour to accept and move on with life. But on the contrary, to validate the point, you will thrive and move ahead in life only when you wholeheartedly accept everything and turn it to your advantage. It is important that you do not feel denied or suppressed while accepting to something, it is rather like acknowledging the situation and analysing how you can benefit out of it. Progression occurs only when you accept what happens around you.
The whole idea behind accepting things the way they are is quite simple. It is nothing but letting go off the negative feelings for something that you have no control over. It is all about giving up the frustration that we end up facing when our plans or wishes do not work out the way we want. But mind you, letting go does not come easy to everyone. You are required to have abundant mental strength and practice the art of letting go and acceptance because such things go against the our rational. When we come across a situation, perhaps a huge personal loss, there are two ways to handle this, either dwell in the past and hold on to the devastating feeling, or accept the flow of life and moving on. At first, it may feel like you are surrendering to the situation, but over a period of time you can come to know what a truly empowering feeling it provides you. After all, the greatest gift that you can give to others as well as yourself is unconditional love and acceptance