Achieve Happiness calmness 24×7

Achieve Happiness calmness 24×7


Mind realization seminar

Various mind realization , techniques, meditation taught…

2 hours session..

You can be in normal worldly life , dont become a swamiji and still can be happy calm throughout



Right from kids to super seniors

Helps you to become disciplined , helps corporate to achieve goal , helps housewives to realize the life purpose, helps the kids and youngsters to study well and know the purpose, helps the seniors and super seniors to behave , live a beautiful life , helps depressed people to come out of it, help everyone to create the best attitudes of being without expectations, non reactive to unnecessary ones , creates the attitude of acceptance , creates 100 pc belief in karma , makes each and every second of life interesting …helps you to visualize and achieve whatever you want, helps to overcome emotions , helps you to plan effectively with priorities, helps you to become humble.. two beautiful techniques to make the life amazing , helps you to do social service

Counselling session to address every individuals problem

Music session to soothe your mind

Meditation and pranayamas session

Knowledge sessions

Alumni club / forums to do social work

Question and answer session

Life is so beautiful..

Will feel at the end of the season