All about Anger Management

Feb 10, 2017

Anger is a completely normal and healthy emotion that everyone experiences. Many people express it in different ways and it becomes unhealthy only when it flares out of proportion. Chronic anger not only affects your personal health and life, but also affects your relationship with everyone around you. It is thus extremely important to control anger if it spirals out of proportion. Anger management involves skills of recognizing the signs of anger, and taking action to deal with it in a positive way.  This does not mean the feelings should be suppressed or avoided, it just has to be well-thought out and expressed differently in a healthy way. When you are able to do this, not only will you feel better, you’ll also be more likely to get your work done, goals achieved and be better able to manage conflict in your life, and strengthen your relationships.
Here are a few ways to take a step towards anger management:

1. Explore the root cause of your anger

Habits are generally developed from a young age from what you have learned. In most cases, these habits are picked from what you witness at home. If you have been brought up in a household where your family is yelling at each other, it is highly likely that you are adapted to such behaviour. Traumatic events in the past that cause stress and tension are most common reasons for short temperedness as well. It is important to consider these past experiences and understand and accept them and move on with life. Recognizing these root issues and accepting them, will take you a long way in dealing with them.

2. Be aware of the signs and triggers that lead to your outburst of anger

Although you might feel that you just had a sudden outburst of anger, there definitely are visible physical signs and triggers before you burst. Each one’s body might react differently from the other, and it is important to note the physical signs that your body gives out in this situation. Some of the general signs that people experience that lead to their outbursts are turning red, pounding heart, tension in the shoulders, clenching your fists, headaches, breathing faster, knots in the stomach or having trouble concentrating. Identifying these signs and addressing them before your emotions go out of control, is a definite way of handling your anger in a better way. You could also pay attention to the kind of surroundings you are in or the people you are with, when this frequently happens. Avoiding these situations to your best possibility is also an option to prevent losing your temper.

3. Figure out ways to calm down

Once you are aware of your warning signs and triggers, it is easier to address your anger. Once you feel any of these signs kicking in, you could use several ways to cool down by figuring out what works the best for you. Some common techniques that people use to cool down are exercise, take deep breathes and get a massage.

Hope these simple thoughts help you manage your anger better and lead a peaceful life!

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