Beating your ego

One of the main reasons of meditation is creating a sense of calm and stillness, that is there throughout your whole life. The inner peace and stillness is one of the most alluring aspects of making meditation a daily routine. Meditation is opening the mind, and in opening your mind, silences the ego. In order to do it, it’s important to what is ego.

Let’s begin with what the ego is not. Within Yogic philosophy, the ego is only part of you, but it’s not all of you. It’s a form of personality consciousness, with a new tasking system of judging, labeling and sorting everything. The ego is who your mind thinks you are.

Try to defeat ego, by directly attacking it, it actually strengthens it. The ego feeds of survival circumstances, and being attacked, includes another battle hardened facets to its perceived self. The ego becomes a victim in the survival circumstances. If it sees itself as a victim, the ego thinks the present self is being super critical and making a crucify of it. If the ego sees itself as a person who carried immoral at, it’s the doer of such bad deeds that it deserves disrespects. An ego, in this state is more powerful than a normal form of ego, which is harmful because it can justify criminal behavior.

Therefore, never seek to attack and defeat directly the ego as its an exercise in self – defeat. We might actually need ego for survival as some comparisons will save our lives.

In order to control the ego, try doing meditation. The ego strives for attention and makes mind chatter by shouting out various thoughts concerning worry, fear and pride.