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How to measure success

Jul 10, 2019

Not all define success in the same way. While there might be different personal meanings of success, we can actually measure our own success based on how it makes us feel about ourselves. Simply making so much money, becoming a big shot or attaining a positive result is not personal success.

Analyze and determine the goals

Before you start to measure or even consider whether you have attained success, try to analyze and determine the goals, needs and also desires. What might signify success for some will not be the result for others, so it’s easily understood why the success concept is so hard to achieve or also define. You can consider yourself successful, if your actions have given you a sense of well being, pleasure and also adds personal belief, satisfaction, self – liking and confidence.

Success is not completely about one’s result, either. If you are satisfied with your journey and how do you get there? Do you love what you have done, as well as associated results? Do you love what you are doing and you are pleased and satisfied with the course life has offered out for you, or more essentially, the course you have set out for yourself? How do you truly feel about yourself and what you do?

In reality, regardless of what changes itself as success to you, personal success is a kind of inner heroism. Who is your hero and what them a hero? If you don’t include yourself in that list, then chances are that you don’t really think yourself as being a success. So believe in you. Whatever success means to you, when you have received it, the way you will know is by how it makes you feel.

Coping with Anxiety – Recovery tips

Jul 10, 2019

Coping with anxiety is not the same for all. Is there any magic pill that you can take to cure anxiety? No, panic attacks and anxiety affect people in various ways and degrees.

Controlling anxiety is one of the first steps to cope up, but there are always times when you might take the anxiety get the better of you no matter how much you control it. Being sick, facing a loss in your family, and other things can cause you let your guard down and then anxiety can raise its ugly head.

One of the ways you can begin coping with anxiety is by taking charge of the condition, not the other way around.  Observing all you can, what are some of the causes, the various kinds of fears and anxieties, are all ways to educate yourself. Looking into the natural ways to cope with anxiety, rather than medications understand and cope with anxiety.

Begin by pondering things and worry to cope with anxiety. Try not to swell on what ifs, but things that can happen actually. Learn to relax techniques like as meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises can help make anxiety coping with each other. While there is no actual cure, there are various ways to help you find relief. If you start to feel anxiety attack coming on, go to safe places like restroom if you are in a public or just be your bedroom to help you recover.  You can also join groups and forums who support anxiety and panic attacks to help you.

Cultivating a positive mindset

Jul 9, 2019

It’s not that easy. Indeed, the troughs and peaks of life are what make many of us go round. Peaks are awesome, but going through the troughs is not a that bad thing. The essential factor is how you deal with them and this will be so much easier if you approach them with a positive mindset.

For various reasons, a positive mindset is very important. Positive thinking has been shown to enhance the productivity and quality of life. When we are in a positive mind set we feel great, perform better, more productive and healthier. We are better equipped and happier to deal with all life gives us.

The ongoing advantages of a positive attitude include better physical and mental health. This is because of the positive hormones that boost your immune system. We are much stronger and happier, thus, we are more successful in life.

The reverse is also true. A negative mindset will be so depressing. When we are feeling low we are more susceptible to get disease and will also suffer from other mental health problems. It can also cause you other personal and relationship issues, affect your ability to think rationally and also productively. To sum up, a negative mind frame must be avoided at any costs. Of course, it’s only natural for all to feel low or unhappy at times in our lives, but it’s all about how you deal with those hard feelings.

A positive mindset will offer you a “can do” attitude and you are more likely to see a challenge rather than an issue and to see a chance rather than on the obstacle. Having a positive mindset is a great asset but developing the right mindset is important.

How to deal with Office pressure

There are various sources of pressure once you begin to work. It does not matter if you are working at the office or from home. There is an over demanding boss, gossiping peers, micromanaging supervisor, endless deadlines and a lot more. It’s not surprising when you end you feel so stressed or burned out.

However, as much as possible you must try to avoid it. In case you don’t know how to deal with it then this the guide just for you.

Focusing on the job

List down the priorities, target on those that need quick action and attention. Avoid chitchatting a lot. When you get to use your time well, there will be no need to carry your workload to home.


Just because you are setting in your cabin for several hours does not mean you cant workout. Simple stretch can work wonders. Just relax your muscles with some yoga poses, this does not take a lot of your time too.

Talk things over

Try avoiding those pent – up emotions. Share the feelings with your friend or a family member after work. You could realize that you are getting rid of excess baggage.


This can offer you so much benefit if you are under office stress. It boosts your immune system, relaxes the muscles and also relieves pressure and stress. It can also increase the happy harmones and lessens depression and anxiety. And most importantly, it can declutter your mind.

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