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How to gain self-confidence

Nov 20, 2019

What is total self-confidence? Consider the word confide when you confide in someone you should put your trust in them. To have that confidence in yourself you need to trust yourself. When you get up in the morning you put your feet on the floor and walked away from your bed. There will be nothing in your head to think about to make things happen – you just did it. You had total self-confidence in your ability to walk across the floor.

You did it automatically. With this evidence, you should conclude that self-confidence should be – a state of certainly untouched by doubt and feat and that dwells in your subconscious mind working at an automatic level.

Everything you do adds more things to your brain’s program. These are processed to produce the results you see in your life.  Some tips on how to gain self-confidence are;

Meditation and mind training

This is an excellent way to attain a confident, clear state of mind. If you practice meditation consistently it generates a state of mind that is untouched by fear. It makes the quality of certainty.

Getting out from your comfort zone

Consider taking small calculated risks. If you take a shot and miss, don’t consider it a failure. It is just the start of your new game. Pro ballplayers have missed at least thousands of shots.

Don’t focus on self – defeating thoughts

Feeling insecure in a group of people? Target on others what they require at that moment.

Practice one thing.

Stretch your ability slowly in small increments. This will make sure that your new skills will gel. Use the advantage of preparation. Make use of conversational techniques out loud. Recite dialogue in various ways. Add new phrases. Better to feel awkward when you are alone than when you are in a place with others. Make use of this technique of letting things roll off your tongue.

3 Steps to heal mind through meditation


Mind healing is something that we often ignore. That is a field we should concentrate on. To have a strong body, you have to have a strong mind. So many physical diseases are caused by stress. Taking the time to heal your mind is not that hard, and can be easily achieved.

Find some extra time.

Modern-day life keeps us busy most of the day. This is why mind healing is very important. Finding some time to relieve all those stress and emotional strains will offer you a healthier life. Spend at least half an hour on weekdays to reduce your stress levels.

How to heal the mind

Get at least 30 minutes a day to relax. One of the best ways to relieve stress and heal your spirit is through meditation. If you are a beginner, a guided meditation might be needed. Guided meditation is available in all forms like Audiobooks, CDs and more.

Be persistent

Without discipline, you will not be able to improve your mental status and reap the benefit from meditation. There might be days when you don’t want to spend time to meditate.  Giving up is not the key to success. You will benefit from meditation when you don’t feel like doing it.

Meditation is a powerful stress reliever. Busy daily schedules, work stress and worries at home are the cause of stress. Sadly, stress affects the human body negatively, both in the short and long term. Frequent stress is associated with a wide range of mental disorders and other illnesses. This is why you can benefit from mind healing. One of the most famous practices is meditation. A person doesn’t require so much time for it. It just takes 15 to 30 minutes.

Become smart and unlock your inner potential

Nov 15, 2019

I got you! You are here to find the secret on how to become smart. Great thinkers agree that it is not their conscious mind that offered them greatness. Instead, the road to success lies in their subconscious mind. The human mind is very complex creation and until now various psychologists, scientists, and disciples of various fields are still fascinated by its brilliance and complexity.

It might be overwhelming to think of what might happen if we make use of the whole 100% of our mind when it’s a well – known fact that we have used very less than 1- 10th of our minds.

What will happen then if we are to manipulate the whole power of our minds?

How to change the realities and how to effortlessly attract the things that we want? These thoughts might be consuming and be too much to digest but its possible and no one will know what can be done if we can harness the complete capacity of our minds.

Using the mind power – the conscious and subconscious mind

There are two major divisions of the human mind are conscious and subconscious.

The conscious mind is the one that is solely responsible for the external stimuli and reacts to the outside triggers. All that you sense experience is processed and then sends as a message and transmits these stimuli to your subconscious.

The subconscious, on the other hand, works like a depository of all these external stimuli and has the change to reform these transmitted stimuli not just on the mental state but in reality, of the outside world.

Using mind power to change your life and reality

You might not be aware that mind power does exist and so you are not aware of how to use it. Mindpower is the ability to alter our realities and also change our life. It’s the ability to allure things that you want and live the life that you desire.

Why self – respect is important and how to gain it?

Nov 13, 2019

It’s essential to have self – respect if you desire to love yourself wholly and completely. Having self – respect offers you the ability to love yourself for a true person you are on the inside, and not just for the looks or what you do for a living or what you can do. When you are proud of you and consider yourself that you have a value of human beings, then you have self -respect.

When someone doesn’t have self – the respect they undergo feelings of shame, anger, blame, guilt and regret. They often engage in abusive, self – destructive behaviors due to the feeling of being unworthy and have little value.

Taking care of yourself 

While at times it’s important to put others’ needs before your own if you do that regularly, it becomes damaging and you will never respect yourself. You must be able to draw a line between giving your physical and emotional needs ahead of serving and helping others.

You are eventually taking the toll on you when you don’t consider yourself and putting to needs to others. Not just emotionally and physically draining, it can also be expensive and time-consuming. Also, you might be feeling taken advantage of which might lead to feeling or resentful and anger.

Respect yourself but how

Not all are the same and we are born with our own set of great personal strengths and talents. To respect yourself you might try to appreciate your mind, body, and spirit.

This does not mean criticizing yourself either to yourself in front of others. If you don’t have anything nice to say then avoid it. Learn to love yourself for who you are on the inside and what you can contribute to the world and what you can offer.

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