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Can Faith and Fear co-exist?

Oct 5, 2018

Fear is a thing all of have experienced. Faith too. But can faith and exist simultaneously? The answer is no. The word ‘fear’ has negative connotations and non-productive ramifications. Faith, on the other hand, is considered with everything positive. Buddha has rightly said that “ If your believe in God out of fear, your faith has no foundation.

Fear is a forced emotion that no one likes to experience. Faith is a welcome emotion that pulls us. Just like fear and love are poles apart, so are faith and fear. One cannot love god completely if one fears Him. If one loves God out of fear, there will always be some kind of reservation in this relationship. To have faith in God is to love him without any fear, without any coercion.

Love is the foundation of life. To love and to be loved is the crux of human existence.  So love should be the only cardinal emotion while believing in the Supreme Power.

In the words of poet W.B Yeats, “The God that frightens is no god/ the god that loves, lives a heavenly abode”. If we love and worship God out of fear, then we are desecrating God and his boundless love for us.

God does take each one of us through adverse and fearful situations. But with a strong faith, it is becomes possible for us to overcome those adversities and fears. A strong faith casts out all feelings of fear. In short, faith is the antidote to fear.

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