Dating And Relationship Tips

Feb 10, 2020

A first date can always be nervous time for both. It’s a journey into the unknown, but also a journey that provides reward and excitement. These tips will help you make the best of that first date.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary

Never be the same! Try to be different. Never use the regular clichés or make it clear you are more interested in her body than her mind. Consider the person real. Have eye contact and talk in normal conversational terms. You will surprise her.

Talk About Her

Everyone likes the word “You”, and she will be immediately flattered, if you wish to learn more about her. Try asking her dislikes and likes. Ask about things she’s done, countries she’s visited, her hobby and dreams, etc.

Using The Right Body Language

Non – verbal signals mostly say more about how they feel than anything else. Try the free posture, rather than sitting cross – legged or with arms closed. These small things can make huge differences.

Complimenting Her

Never go overboard. Be honest and subtle. The occasional genuine compliment is far worthy than a barrage of compliment on all and anything.

If It Goes Well ….

If all goes perfect, there will come a point in the evening when it is the time to see where the encounter is happening.  This mostly happens in the form of self – disclosure; you will tell her something, she might also tell you something. The disclosure level mostly deepens until you both attain a point where you know what is going to happen next.

Try taking it slow and stay confident and subtle throughout. These are some of my dating and relationship tips to achieve a successful dating and relationships. There are loads to learn, but try these basics and you will never go wrong.

Improving self-esteem and living a better life

Dec 23, 2019

One common question counselors and psychologists of all kinds find themselves these days on how to improve self-esteem. The majority of the people who pose this question tend to be those who have come to a decision that most of the unhappiness in their lives is attributable to low self-esteem. They, therefore, seek to know how they can improve their self – esteem and hence overcome the unhappiness in their lives brought by low self-esteem – conversely increasing the happiness in their lives.

Low self-esteem and unhappiness

The assumption that at least some happiness is brought about by low self-esteem is one we have to deal with, before proceeding with the discussion on how to improve self-esteem and increase your happiness. We first of all need to handle the query as to whether, indeed, it is true that some unhappiness is brought about by low self-esteem. While most people have already accepted it as a statement of fact, there are those who prefer to contest it. But given the fact that this is not really a discussion on the relationship between low self-esteem and unhappiness, we are not going to dwell too much on that question.

One of the great worries caused in our lives is what others will think of us. This tends to be inversely related to our self-esteem. This is to say, the lower our self-esteem, the greater the worry about other’s perceptions to us tend to be. Conversely, the higher our levels of self-esteem, the less/lower our worry about other’s perceptions of us.


Higher self-esteem leads to more happiness

Now, consider this: how great would your happiness (then it is now) if you did not worry too much about others’ perception of you like what others might think you, what others might tell about you… and so on? If you answer that question honestly, you will see how working to improve self-esteem can result in enhanced happiness.

Of course, there are various other mechanisms through which improved self-esteem results in enhanced happiness. It is also worth remembering that people with high self-esteem tend to have a better relationship with themselves.

How to maintain self control?

Aug 25, 2019

Self control is a learned behavior that needs both emotional and social skill development. Its quite easy for all to maintain self – control in the public eye, even though some people “let it fly” no matter who their audience are. Over time, losing self – control in public has become very common with horrible instances being showcased in the movies and the media regularly. As a result, many of us see people losing control quite often, which makes us less sensitive, making it seem acceptable and normal.

Many parents strive to model and teach self control as they were never taught it themselves. They might have found how to use their self control to keep away unpleasant alternatives such as the strap, spankings etc. As a result, they might fail to teach how effectively this life skill be and why kids lose it.

Three things you must remember if you wish to be successful in both teaching and learning self – control.

  • You should be self – aware so you can choose up on cues early and take action before anything happen serious.
  • You will have to practice new behaviors and follow a new pattern. When you are stressed, take the path you are familiar with, making the pattern repeat.
  • You must have the passion to succeed. Just saying that you want to be more controlled will never work out. You must really want it or your negative thoughts might overpower the optimistic.

Why relationships fail?

Aug 24, 2019

If your relationship is going downhill, and feel that maintaining a healthy relationship really need some hard work. Then accept the fact that all couples not just you encounter a few bumps along the journey to a lasting relationship.  If you recognize earlier, these bumps can push them to take the relationships to break – ups and lead to wrong direction or divorce. Its very essential to recognize these relationship killers ahead of time to skip further damage. These are some common reasons why a relationship fails.

Lack of communication

One way to be connected with each other is to have strong communication. Couples tend to drift apart because of lack of communication. This is the main reason why many problems start in a relationship. Assuming that your partner knows what you are thinking is dangerous to your relationship.

Not being supportive with the goals and careers

One of the reasons why relationship fail is the problem with the ambitions and careers between them. When you have different ambition and goals and not able to support or compromise him/her, the relationship might suffer in the end. Its best to support each other’s interest or careers to skip relationship hurdles.

Things becoming regular

The excitement and fire in a relationship might die when you become too complacent or comfy with each other, things become very regular that an act of love. You might become more like a  friend or a sibling than soul mates. Being too comfortable with each other steals saway the romance and excitement in a relationship which can become too boring and routine.

Mind vs Brain

Aug 19, 2019

Mind is related to brain. Most people do not find any difference between the two words mind and brain. Most scientists and thinkers believe that the brain and the mind are one and cannot be separated. Most of the time these two words are used interchangeably. While brain is considered to be a physical thing, mind is considered to be mental.

The brain is composed of nerve cells and blood vessels whereas the mind is not like that. While the brain has a definite shape, the mind does not have one. We can see and touch the brain whereas it is not possible to do this with the mind.

As the brain is made up of several materials, it can be studied. On the other hand, it is hard to conduct studies on the mind as it is not made up of any material.

The brain is an important organ in the human body whereas the mind is not like that. It is in the brain that all the functions and activities take place. The brain, which is the centre of the nervous system, coordinates the movements, thoughts and feelings. But these are put forth or felt through the mind. We all use the mind to think, feel and respond. The Mind refers to a person’s understanding of things and also his conscience. Mind also refers to a person’s thought process.

The brain has a definite place in the head. But with regard to mind, it is only supposed to be in the brain. The brain may be affected with diseases and can be diagnosed whereas mind does not have such complications.


  1. Most of the scientists and thinkers believe that brain and mind are one and cannot be separated.
  2. While brain is considered to be a physical thing, Â the mind is considered to be mental.
  3. Brain is made up of nerve cells and blood vessels whereas mind is not like that.
  4. While brain has a definite shape, mind does not have one.
  5. We can see and touch the brain whereas it is not possible with mind.
  6. The brain is an important organ in the human body whereas the mind is not like that.
  7. The brain, which is the centre of the nervous system, coordinates the movements, thoughts and feelings. The mind refers to a person’s understanding of things and also his conscience. Mind also refers to a person’s thought process.
  8. The Brain has a definite place in the head, but with regard to mind, it is only supposed to be in the brain.

Tips for listening to your body mind

Aug 14, 2019

You have it with you now and all the time – an underused and a brilliant resource; your mind and mind. When you tap into this powerful intelligence and deep, open wide to bring you more pleasure, healing, happiness, meaning and vitality in all parts of your life.

What does your body mind want you to know? Use these simple suggestions to dive in and find out!

Believe your body

This has something of value to tell you. Believing in your body has something valuable to interact is a powerful and radical first step. You like, many modern adults, might learn as very little as possible to overcome and ignore the message that the body shows. By doing this, you can reduce yourself off from the vital life force.

Even though we have taught in our culture to value thinking about mind over body mind, the intelligence your body has information, perception and delight that your thinking mind might not begin to know.

Drop down the thinking

Thinking that mind is great for various things which also includes fixing, planning, worrying, comparing and judging. But it cannot process by itself.

As said its just a part of your intelligence. Tune your body mind and you will have larger, more instinctual, visionary intelligence, initiative to partner with it.

Some of the easy to step to shift from thinking mind to the body are;

  • Allow the thinking mind to be dreamy and mild. Also, say “Thank you” for being so clever and helpful. Now for a little while, you can take a small break.
  • Soften your eyes, it lives close to the eyes. When its overdone it might cause stress in your eyes. You might have already noticed your eyes getting strained when you try to sort out things. This is an excellent sign that working too much and might need some help from the body mind.

Stop being sad and feel happy

Jul 7, 2019

We are in a society where its essential to fit in. Leading a happy and positive life is valued highly and feeling worried or blue about life is not cherished. As a result, we constantly try to always be happy and positive. There is no space for sadness in your minds. This is not a lively way of life to live. Asking yourself to be positive is no help to you because your sadness when it hits you has a own life of its own.

Recognize your sadness type

The three types of sadness that many of us fall into are;

  • Short – term sadness – these moods are like passing clouds and it doesn’t last a day or two. Sometimes there are reasons to feel sad and something there isn’t anything. Generally poor sleep cycle, no physical activity and stress are linked with this sadness. Pamper yourself or take a warm bath to soothe such type of sadness.
  • Trigger sadness – activated as a result of disturbing events that has occurred to you like as a death of someone close to your heart, financial ruin, divorce and losing your job. This feeling of sadness might make you feel vulnerable and powerless and it doesn’t fade away overnight. To manage such deep feelings you can share it out with your friends and peers to support and counsel you.
  • Depression – when feeling depressed you feel hopeless, sad and not able to eat well and sleep well for a long period of time. This is complicated and might vary from person to person. You can also ask the doctor’s advice to get recovered.

The above mentioned strategies are practical ways that can support you to control all  the feelings of sadness where you will be in control and empowered to choose how you want your life and how you want to feel. Let’s choose to be happy.

Practicing self forgiveness

Jul 6, 2019

If you are grappling with an incapacity to forgive yourself for something you have done a wrong, you feel you have committed to yourself or someone else, then you must know that there is not a more disempowered place to be than that. There are no more emotions that self – worthlessness and guilt. If you are carrying these emotions around with you – even if you run on automatic pilot so that you don’t have to be aware of them – then you are extending internal resistance which might not keep you from attaining your goals and desires. It’s time to search out, letting go of that resistance so you can move ahead in your life.

Forgiving acceptance

The real self forgiveness is acceptance, acceptance that you might not be able to change the past from where you are now; acceptance that you can face up to the result of your actions; acceptance that you are responsible for your part to play in what happened and the sufferer is responsible for his past; acceptance that the other person allured you into their experience as much as you attracted them into yours.

We have done all things that we are not proud of, I’m certainly no exception. It’s quite hard to let go of the illusion of victimhood especially if you think that you have victimized someone in some way. You might not what that person’s experience will be if you hadn’t acted in the manner you did. Its easy to think that their life might be perfect had you not done what you did. But you don’t know this is to be true as a certainty. Their life will be better for sure, you may think had you don’t whatever injustice you committed.

How to stop overthinking

Jul 5, 2019

It’s really so easy to get caught into the trick of over thinking about small things in life. So when you are planning or thinking about something, ask simple questions to yourself.  It has been found through a research that widening the outlook by using these simple questions can snap you immediately out of over thinking.

Try setting short time limits for decision. So be an expert in making plans and get into the action by assigning deadlines in your daily routine. No matter if it’s a big or small decision.

Be a person of action

When you know how to begin with taking action regularly then you will procrastinate less by overthinking. Set deadlines this is the one thing that can help you to be a person of action.

Try to realize one essential thing that you cant control all, so you don’t risk yourself making a mistake, fail or look like a fool. But those things are not a part of your life where you really stretch your comfort zone.

Say stop in situations where you cant think straight. Sometimes when you are really hungry or when you are lying on the bed and about to go to sleep, then negative thoughts start buzzing around in your mind.

Don’t get lost in vague fears

Another trap that you have fallenf into quite a lot of times that have stimulated on over thinking is that you have gotten lost in vague fears about a situation in your life. And so your mind running wild has made disaster scenarios about what might happen if you do something. What is the worst that can happen? You must learn to ask this question to yourself.

Spend the most of your time in the present moment

Be in the present moment in your daily life rather than in the past or a possible future. Slow down how you do whatever you are doing now.

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