Motivation Monday – Tips On How To Get It Started

Feb 3, 2020

People usually ask me how I stay motivated. They have asked me if I ever get tired of working at break – neck speed. My answer is simple. You must find out ways to remain motivated when you are in search to accomplish the goals and dreams.

Well, we are not robots. Some days are better than other. But, on those down days, you have to find out how to stoke the fire. You cannot attain the goals without the motivation to get there. It takes persistence and consistency, especially on the days you are tired or are getting push back and just wish to quit.

Don’t Be So Serious

I get it! Life is serious, but it does not have to be that way every time. I know we all wish to attain the goals and dreams and takes work, but you have to have some fun.  My work place is also filled with fun. The same is the case in my home. We take time out to enjoy little things as the only way to any success is to enjoy the process.


Never Do It Alone

Not too long ago, I heard a founder of a big company say that he did not tell a soul about the idea for the product for a year. He wanted to focus and not have any pushback. I never agree that. What I have found is that letting everyone is the way to go. It assists keep you accountable. And, if you get pushback and you stop, well clearly you don’t need to make the specific dream happen. My choice is to not do it alone, but if going it alone works for you until you are ready, do it.

Embracing Failure

If you are not falling, you are not really working for it. We are in a world that is all about winning. That’s excellent. We all like to win. But typically, you might not without failing.

Become smart and unlock your inner potential

Nov 15, 2019

I got you! You are here to find the secret on how to become smart. Great thinkers agree that it is not their conscious mind that offered them greatness. Instead, the road to success lies in their subconscious mind. The human mind is very complex creation and until now various psychologists, scientists, and disciples of various fields are still fascinated by its brilliance and complexity.

It might be overwhelming to think of what might happen if we make use of the whole 100% of our mind when it’s a well – known fact that we have used very less than 1- 10th of our minds.

What will happen then if we are to manipulate the whole power of our minds?

How to change the realities and how to effortlessly attract the things that we want? These thoughts might be consuming and be too much to digest but its possible and no one will know what can be done if we can harness the complete capacity of our minds.

Using the mind power – the conscious and subconscious mind

There are two major divisions of the human mind are conscious and subconscious.

The conscious mind is the one that is solely responsible for the external stimuli and reacts to the outside triggers. All that you sense experience is processed and then sends as a message and transmits these stimuli to your subconscious.

The subconscious, on the other hand, works like a depository of all these external stimuli and has the change to reform these transmitted stimuli not just on the mental state but in reality, of the outside world.

Using mind power to change your life and reality

You might not be aware that mind power does exist and so you are not aware of how to use it. Mindpower is the ability to alter our realities and also change our life. It’s the ability to allure things that you want and live the life that you desire.

How to gain self-confidence


What is total self-confidence? Consider the word confide when you confide in someone you should put your trust in them. To have that confidence in yourself you need to trust yourself. When you get up in the morning you put your feet on the floor and walked away from your bed. There will be nothing in your head to think about to make things happen – you just did it. You had total self-confidence in your ability to walk across the floor.

You did it automatically. With this evidence, you should conclude that self-confidence should be – a state of certainly untouched by doubt and feat and that dwells in your subconscious mind working at an automatic level.

Everything you do adds more things to your brain’s program. These are processed to produce the results you see in your life.  Some tips on how to gain self-confidence are;

Meditation and mind training

This is an excellent way to attain a confident, clear state of mind. If you practice meditation consistently it generates a state of mind that is untouched by fear. It makes the quality of certainty.

Getting out from your comfort zone

Consider taking small calculated risks. If you take a shot and miss, don’t consider it a failure. It is just the start of your new game. Pro ballplayers have missed at least thousands of shots.

Don’t focus on self – defeating thoughts

Feeling insecure in a group of people? Target on others what they require at that moment.

Practice one thing.

Stretch your ability slowly in small increments. This will make sure that your new skills will gel. Use the advantage of preparation. Make use of conversational techniques out loud. Recite dialogue in various ways. Add new phrases. Better to feel awkward when you are alone than when you are in a place with others. Make use of this technique of letting things roll off your tongue.

Motivation – What it is actually?

Aug 14, 2019

Motivation is one of the hottest topics for quite a long time  as most folks can remember. Some call it as a desire or drive. Others explain it as motivation as they work they do. For me, this is neither, in fact, the energy that is below the drive, work and desire. Its this energy that influences one’s motivation quality, one’s’ motive and the quality of action result from motivation. Also, this energy is called as motivation which results from one’s life who lives on purpose and the degree to which it gets aligned with one’s true and real self, one’s heart.

I consider motivation as an energy, a psychic, a physical, spiritual and emotional energy. This can be explained in one of the sequences as juicy, adventurous, energetic, positive, playful, healing, exciting, etc., and on the hand as stale, blocked, killing, negative, etc.

Motivation is body – mind dynamic, mostly body oriented. According to me, few might say that “im motivated.” Rather, I hear frequently ” I feel motivated” or the reverse, “I don’t or never feel motivated.”  For me everyone is motivated also just not in the way another might like that one to be, o also in a way we suggest choosing our self to be.

Finding your passion, pitfalls – Common traps to avoid

Jul 4, 2019

So, you are ready to find your passion? Great! This is a great journey, but be careful! There are various dangerous traps along the way to your goal! Or maybe you have just found your passion – then congrats. You are one step closer to living your dream! But before you rush off to enjoy your new found exciting love, or before you charge off on your journey of self discovery, you must consider a few things carefully to omit dire ruin. While you are on this journey, there are some potential traps you need to watch out for and avoid those pitfalls.

The DEAR trap

One of the most dangerous traps you might fall into is the DEAR trap which means Dropping Everything and Running Towards your Passion!

Does this sound like a warning? Once you find the passion, you must put aside your fears as soon as possible and run at it full steam, right?

Think twice, your new passion is a business. Well done! But do you have to quit the job immediately? Do your research maybe you will have to wait for six or seven months to get all the licence you want – maybe renovating that new shop space for your dream shop is going to take a few months or a year!

The Passion Pit

This comes when we think that our passion is a valuable business, when it really does not need to be. Your passion might be a completely fulfilling hobby.

Rotten fruit

If you have found your passion, and now you want to do it all the time – as that will make you happy. Well, sometimes the answer is NO. Not all of your passions are great for you.  A healthy passion does not necessarily offer you healthy fruit if you try to do it all day.

Be aware of any passion that threatens your liberty and health – especially if you decide your passion is something that is also illegal.

Reasons to motivate yourself

Jul 1, 2019

Motivation is the only way to enhance your sense of urgency, fulfillment and task, completing when it comes to managing tasks. If you are not motivated, you will neglect your tasks, which lack your progress and get frustrated.  That is why motivation is very important to get a certain task done, especially if you are working from home or on the internet.

Motivation overcomes obstacles

As soon as there is a huge road block in from of us. Most people just quit or turn around. They don’t search for ways to either eliminate the block or just get it around. When you are motivated, having that end goal in mind, no obstacle will allow you to quit.

It’s easy to quit, when we are depressed, desperate and not motivated, but when are inspired to keep it going, nothing can stop you.

You are creating this invisible force field around you that explains you to make the right preferences. This might sound a bit spooky, but you have to believe your own abilities to make it happen.

Motivation builds momentum

When you are motivated to do a specific job, completing it one after one, you can build a momentum. This will give you so tremendous benefit in getting one step closer to the desired destination. Having a momentum is like assembling an engine of a car. Ones the engine is done, it might need some tweak and diagnostics in order to run seamlessly for a long time period.

Motivation kills stress

On the other hand, stress can kill productivity. You are not productive when you are not motivated. Stress usually comes as a result of overwhelming tendencies like as pushiness, rush and helplessness. They are all byproducts of lack of motivation.

Often, you get calmer when you are motivated. Not matter how slow you are, as long as you don’t stop. It creates the ability to complete tasks on time.

Mind Exercises

Oct 13, 2018

Do you often feel that you are drained emotionally and mentally? Are you unable to focus on your tasks? Do you often forget about where you left things? Perhaps a few mind exercises can help sort you out! Try testing your recall memory by making a list of things to do, or a grocery list – and memorize it. After an hour or more, try to recall the items. This is a great way to stimulate your mental energy. If you love music, learn to play an instrument. It is a known fact that learning something new or complex for a span of time can help the aging mind. Not into instruments? How about cooking, or learning a new language! It’s possible! You can also try counting in your head rather than on your fingers!

When children are young, they play many games to improve their mental abilities through mind exercises – word games, memory games, strategy games. It is important to practice these things even as we grow. It is now an accepted fact that even video games improve our mental reflexes. So take so time out to game once in a while! Or if you want something a little more quiet, why not try painting, yoga, gold, or knitting. Your mind is a powerful tool when it is trained in the right way. Pick out your favorite mind exercises and try to keep your mind just as active as your body!

The power of expectations and positive thinking

Oct 13, 2018

For centuries, humans have believed in the power of the mind over body. Our families and friends always tell us to ‘be positive’ and there is a reason behind it. Staying positive and having happy thoughts not only keeps you refreshed and inspired through your days and nights. It also enable others around you to absorb your positive energy. So where do expectations come into play? When you are always expecting the worst to happen, you are edgy, you are stressed and you drown in worry constantly.

You are always defensive because you think you need to prepare for the worst. While focusing on the negative, you allow the true beauty of life to pass you by.

Moments that could have made you happy are completely overlooked because you are only staring at the single problem in front of you. When you have positive expectations, you take things lightly and you learn to improvise when things get rough. When you expect the best to happen, you bring out the best in yourself and allow time for being in the ‘here’ and ‘now’, rather than fluttering away to a stressful moment that doesn’t actually exist.

If you expect to not get a job when you step in for an interview, you will most likely not get that job. If you expect that you can do your best in order to get the job, you will most probably get your dream job, provided you have the talent and experience to back you up. Expectations shouldn’t be too far fetched. You can’t wake up today expecting to buy a plane in the evening. But you can expect to visit a friend or two, complete a goal you’ve been working on for days, or perhaps win a competition that means a lot to you!

While you set expectations, make sure they are realistic and more importantly, make sure that they are positive. People always tell you to expect the unexpected. Let the unexpected be something that makes you happy in life. Believe in yourself, and watch the world change around you.

The Buddhist Philosophy of calmness

Calmness is a state of mind that is devoid of agitation, excitement or disturbance. The Buddhist philosophy advocated ‘mindful’ living for attaining wellness and calmness. Here are a few things that can help us practise calmness in the mad rush of this world:

Letting Go: Buddhism asserts that the primary source of all suffering is attachment to negative emotions like fear, anger and hate. Having a non-judgemental outlook towards life and people helps greatly in this regard. Just let the negative feelings go and restores our ability to see clearly.

Living in the moment: Nothing can be done about the past and the future is not known. Now – the present moment- is all that we have and we should be immersing our mind only in this moment. Whatever little things you are doing, be completely and mindfully present in that moment.

Take it slow: Do not surrender to the mad rush of the world. Take you own sweet time to do little things like drinking coffee or cooking. Forget multi-tasking and concentrate on just one task at a time and put your whole mind to it. This deliberate choice of slowing down will enhance your appreciation of life and bring calmness to you.

Cultivating understanding and compassion: Buddhism teaches us to have a good understanding of our own selves and the world around us. Harbouring feeling of compassion towards others and submerging feelings of hatred or anger is sure to calm your mind.

What causes lack of motivation?

You bulging belly makes you cringe but you cannot find the motivation to hit the gym. You know you do better by starting your own business rather than being in service, but you do not know how that will happen. Motivation is a thing that we constantly seek to achieve greater things in life and become our better selves. But what causes lack of it? Here are a few answers:

Fear of failure: Perhaps the biggest hindrance in being motivated is the fear of failure. Most of us are taught from childhood to be perfectionists. Failures and mistakes make us feel flawed. In order to achieve great things, readiness to take on failures is crucial.

Low self esteem: People with low self esteem think that they do not deserve success. They make half-hearted attempts at everything and procrastination is their habit. They cannot find motivation in anything and in fact try to run away from it.

Habit of procrastination: This habit of procrastinating things and activities for future is another cause of lack of motivation. Procrastination may be because of depression, low self esteem or fear of failure.

Depression: Depression is the new age disease that is cause of several underlying problems. Lack of interest in activities is a common cause of depression and people with depression do not want to do absolutely anything. Treatment of depression is possible and it brings about sea changes in productivity and motivation.

Chronic people pleasing: If you are busy pleasing people all the time, you will have no time for yourself, your thoughts or your dreams. Motivation will vanish from your plan of things. One must be vary of individual needs and try to balance their needs with that of other people.

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