How to deal with Office pressure

There are various sources of pressure once you begin to work. It does not matter if you are working at the office or from home. There is an over demanding boss, gossiping peers, micromanaging supervisor, endless deadlines and a lot more. It’s not surprising when you end you feel so stressed or burned out.

However, as much as possible you must try to avoid it. In case you don’t know how to deal with it then this the guide just for you.

Focusing on the job

List down the priorities, target on those that need quick action and attention. Avoid chitchatting a lot. When you get to use your time well, there will be no need to carry your workload to home.


Just because you are setting in your cabin for several hours does not mean you cant workout. Simple stretch can work wonders. Just relax your muscles with some yoga poses, this does not take a lot of your time too.

Talk things over

Try avoiding those pent – up emotions. Share the feelings with your friend or a family member after work. You could realize that you are getting rid of excess baggage.


This can offer you so much benefit if you are under office stress. It boosts your immune system, relaxes the muscles and also relieves pressure and stress. It can also increase the happy harmones and lessens depression and anxiety. And most importantly, it can declutter your mind.

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