Can the mind be quiet? If so then how to keep it quiet


It cannot be quiet unless you take an effort to make it quiet… usually considering the present scenario in the world with fast technology , cultural changes and highest intelligence energy levels , it’s very very difficult to keep your mind quiet…the materialistic and comfort levels are at the highest to pose a big challenge to the human existence with calmness… unless a disciplined Spiritual excercises are done consistently it’s very difficult to keep your mind quiet… kriyas / pranayamas keep your body calm and its setting the platform to do an effective meditation… if both are done consistently then it keeps your mind to realise and be ethical .. being ethical is very important… otherwise the effects of karma will spoil your calmness.. so it’s a chain of events … kriyas / pranayamas and meditation can keep your mind calm.. but some people after even doing this they act against realizations and face the respective karmas.. ultimate it’s back to square… so its important to maintain this chain … kriyas / pranayamas, meditation, realizations, good karmasl and ultimately leads to a beautiful calm quiet mind.

Inner peace – simple steps to achieve it

Dec 23, 2019

If you are struggling for inner peace in troubled times, is a gift you offer to yourself. Given the hectic and hustle and bustle lives, we lead it hard to feel calm inside especially when you face conflicting demands from your work and family commitments. Today’s post is all about inner peace and how to achieve it. This will help you stay peaceful and calm when stress levels are skyrocketing and you are under pressure to think straight and make important plans.


The state of being inside your heart is inner peace where you feel grounded and connected and at ease with your world around and body. When you exercise, specifically a mind-body physical activity like yoga, have a restorative bodywork session, you enable your body to breathe and let go of physical tension and emotions. Once you are comfortable with this, it becomes easier for you to feel the sense of connection and alignment between mind and body.

Nourish and nurture yourself

A sound mind in a healthy body is a famous quote. From a yogic perspective, your mind and body are inextricably linked. The more you look and care about your body the easier it becomes for you to stay positive and bright. And when you feel cheerful and bubbly, your mind is a step closer to being in that state of peace and calm. Try to eat wholesome energy-rich foods, regular sleep habits, seasonal detox, massages, etc.

Be passionate

Time flies when you are engaged. Maybe you are a baker or a singer, practice something you care about regularly and which makes you feel great inside. As long as your actions don’t harm others, being passionate and creative, puts you in the flow and enables your expansive energy to soar and rise.

Finding peace within yourself

Dec 23, 2019

When your mind is away from anger, you attain peacefulness within. You must know that anger will always be present in your mind and everywhere you go and if you ever wish to be in peace with himself you must not let anger overtake you. You find more for peace when you are angry.

A peaceful mind knows that to live a peaceful life, you must become righteous. You must not be blinded with your anger and desire to live a peaceful life. You realize that those that surround you are not to blame if your mind is ever to be disorderly or chaotic. You recognize that if there is someone to blame you, you blame yourself.

A sound peaceful soul knows best that the situations in life despite its positive and negative outcomes are not going to bring you down. Anger when present in your mind will never allow itself to be manipulated as you take the responsibility completely for your own peace. Anger does not overcome a peaceful soul or his purpose of being somebody in life.

To be honest you reach a peaceful mind when you unveil those obstacles that blind your purpose. If you create chaos in your mind, you take action to remedy it. You do this immediately because peace is better than unhappiness. You don’t want to struggle with unhappiness in your life.

If you are striving for peace of mind begin creating this within by admitting your faults, damages, and imperfection he has caused to your family and himself. You don’t point the finger at anyone else but yourself when peace is not within you. If you are peaceful always confess you are wrongdoings to himself and others. Confessions have to be brought out in the open and you must accept it with full honesty.

Once you are fully open and honest with yourself you realize that the only person stopping yourself from being peaceful is yourself and this way of thinking. You have lived most of your life angry but its time to change.

3 Steps to heal mind through meditation


Mind healing is something that we often ignore. That is a field we should concentrate on. To have a strong body, you have to have a strong mind. So many physical diseases are caused by stress. Taking the time to heal your mind is not that hard, and can be easily achieved.

Find some extra time.

Modern-day life keeps us busy most of the day. This is why mind healing is very important. Finding some time to relieve all those stress and emotional strains will offer you a healthier life. Spend at least half an hour on weekdays to reduce your stress levels.

How to heal the mind

Get at least 30 minutes a day to relax. One of the best ways to relieve stress and heal your spirit is through meditation. If you are a beginner, a guided meditation might be needed. Guided meditation is available in all forms like Audiobooks, CDs and more.

Be persistent

Without discipline, you will not be able to improve your mental status and reap the benefit from meditation. There might be days when you don’t want to spend time to meditate.  Giving up is not the key to success. You will benefit from meditation when you don’t feel like doing it.

Meditation is a powerful stress reliever. Busy daily schedules, work stress and worries at home are the cause of stress. Sadly, stress affects the human body negatively, both in the short and long term. Frequent stress is associated with a wide range of mental disorders and other illnesses. This is why you can benefit from mind healing. One of the most famous practices is meditation. A person doesn’t require so much time for it. It just takes 15 to 30 minutes.

4 ways to inner peace

Nov 12, 2019

Inner peace is not something that happens in a jiffy when you wish to have it. The first step is to choose you to want It though. Once you know you need it then you might be willing to commit the time and energy needed to attain it over time.

Inner peace is not easy, it can come without work, but it will change life for the better. The 4 ways to having greater inner peace and happiness and joy in all aspects of life are mentioned below.


Learn to love, this will be the first way to inner peace and more importantly, love yourself. When you can open your hearts to see the best in others and of course in yourself, you begin to realize that all of the particulars we sometimes target on is unappropriate when the general beauty of the humans far exceeds the discern minor negative we dwell on.


Learn to smile when you are sad and happy also smile when you don’t feel like doing it. There is a power in smiling that is usually overlooked. When you do this, the odds of getting the smile back is enormously increased, and there are small things that offer you more joy, happiness and also the inner peace.


Shaking hands is fine but hugs are more powerful and offer loads of benefits both to the giver and the receiver.


The one the people often tripped upon. They find some wired pleasure in holding onto things that they don’t wish to forgive. Be it either the regarded control not forgiving gives them, or just the observation having a hurt can provide them, they hold on. This will never help anything even the good, also for the person who cannot forgive. Because when they can’t forgive others, they might never be able to forgive themselves.

How to boost health with relaxation techniques?

Sep 20, 2019

There are quite a lot of ways on attaining maximum relaxation. These techniques can reduce stress and guide you to enjoy the life even when you are tired or ill. Relaxation techniques are an excellent form of stress management. One benefit of it is that it lessens stress on your body and mind. It guides you deal with daily stress and other stress related issues like as pain and sickness.

You can take the benefit of relaxation techniques even if your stress has subsided or still in its worst condition. There are easy ways that you should learn to enjoy relaxation, these techniques might include a small cost or no cost at all and might create a slight risk but can be done almost anywhere. Following these simple techniques can guide you to start a fully stress free life.

If you have so much of responsibilities and tasks both at work and home or if your disease is offering you more demands, relaxation techniques can guide you so much. These can enormously give health benefits. It can help you reduce stress.

  • It can slow down the heart rate
  • It can reduce the blood pressure
  • It can slow down the breathing rate
  • It improves concentration
  • It can reduce muscle tension and chronic pain

Three kinds of relaxation techniques are;

  • Autogenic relaxation
  • Progressive muscle technique
  • Visualization

Other common relaxation techniques are;

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Massage
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