Leading a spiritual life

Jan 1, 2020

This little presumes that a person knows that a spiritual life is. But most people don’t know what a spiritual life is. The reasons are because many people don’t lead a spiritual life.  All of us live a physical life, the life of our body. So, we just look at our body and ask how this body live. We lead a physical life because of the body that we have.

Almost all of us also love a mental life, the life of our mind. We think, reflect and reason. So we have a mind. The ones who don’t live this life might be retarded mentally. They have a mind which no longer grows. They might be fifty years old physically but their mind has remained at the level of a one or two years old. But for most of us we lead a mental life.

Leading a spiritual life

Leading a spiritual life is different. For one it might be confused with leading a religious life. Up until the last century most people though that the religious life was a spiritual life. So, we had congregations and religious orders whose members though they were leading a spiritual life as they were leading a religious life: praying, reading books and other spiritual books, meditating, helping friends, etc.


But lately there is a phenomenon. Non – religious persons will be busy in learning more about the spiritual life. And when they plan that, they were not at all referring to the religious life of people. In fact, some of these non – religious persons who were performing research on a spiritual life thought that the spiritual life is in various ways totally different from the religious life.

So, the questions are, is spiritual life different from religious life?

The religious life starts from a specific ritual and its best started by a teacher who guides the candidate to this spiritual life. The teacher might employ a ritual or he may not. But he will guide the student as a tour guide would guide a traveller as they enter the building of historical importance.

What is Spiritual healing?

Sep 5, 2019

Spiritual healing is an essential science that helps to overcome issues that have their root cause in the spiritual realm. But unless the terms of this ultra – fine are known and clinged to, spiritual healers can be affected negatively by following spiritual healing. Enabling a person in trouble to start and continue their spiritual practice is the most sustainable form of spiritual healing.

What is spiritual healing?

According to research done by SSRF, eighty percent of issues in our lives have their root in the spiritual dimension. Overcoming the spiritual root cause of issues by spiritual means in Spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing – What it does heal?

In case of health issue resulting from a spiritual root cause, surgical or medical treatment can only reduce the ensuing harm accepted by the spiritual root cause. Thus by treating the  health issue by medicine, surgery or medical science can at best bring about a warning cure. The condition, however, happens as a root cause.

Spiritual healing is about analyzing and removing of the spiritual root cause of the issue.

How will I know if I need spiritual healing?

According to the research conducted by the SSRF over the past few years has revealed that eighty percent of issues  in life have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. Thus, these issues can be overcome only by complementing world efforts with remedies in the spiritual dimension.  This explains the overwhelming essentialness of spiritual healing in solving issues in one’s life.

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