Effective ways to become more relaxed

Jan 10, 2020

When we are stressed with our lives, all kinds of things can occur. We might want to shut the doors and not speak to anyone, or we might need to just start punching the closet thing near us. The stress that occurs to us often can lead to frustration which might lead to anger which can lead to depression. This makes it impossible for all to live a peaceful and steady lives.

Be aware of stress

The first things you must do when dealing with stress is to be aware that the stress is happening to them. Never go all of the sudden into a fit. Learn from the moment when stress hits so we can be ready for it the next time. To do this, when you are frustrated or anger suddenly, just stop what you are doing and take a step back. Go to some calm place where you are alone.

Calm down

The next thing to do is to calm down. This can be done through breathing exercises where one is targeted on the sound and pattern of the breathing. Ensure you inhale deeply and exhale longer than inhale. Allow the oxygen come in and out through the body. Feel and target on this and you will find yourself not worrying too much about what has caused you to be stressed.


Find out what caused you stress

After calming down, find what causes your stress? Was it something that a person said? Is it having too much of work load? Is it doing too many things at once? Stress often occurs as a result of not being able to be in control. Accept that you can’t control all, but try your best to control what you can. Jot down the issues that cause you stress and aim on solutions or changes that can make in order to prevent stress the next time.

Eating right

Stress can be a cause of simple sugars that you don’t know about the foods that you consume on the regular basis. Ensure you are educated on the foods and drinks you have, so rather than having high energy during one moment and then low energy during the next moment, you will have a constant level of high energy throughout the day.


How to stay calm when feeling stressed?

Sep 12, 2019

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stresses that you cannot think straight? Do you have days when the minds feels so cluttered that cannot fit in another chore, appointment or project even if you wanted to?

When our minds are loaded with stress, worry and overwhelm, we work from an operational part of our mind that prevents us from making plans or taking actions that serve the best interest. It is easy to lose confidence when you are in stressful times. We just don’t know which way to turn.

Stop and take stock

Even though you might be having a bad or even a bad week, you can think of many people and things you are grateful for. Targeting on those we love and what in good in our lives is an effective way of controlling the body’s response to stress and keeping things in check.

Breathe deeply and focus slowly

This ancient practice quickly reduces stress and enables us to tap into our creative energy. And from our creative resources, we can easily find the solutions we need.

Find what influences and help without being controlled

Jot down a list of things that overwhelm you. After you do, check the things that can influence. Review other things on the list and acknowledge that you might not be able to manage them. When you do that, committ to letting them go and trust the hope to guide you.

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