Declutter Your Mind

May 24, 2018

Empty vessels make loud noises. Have you experienced an outburst of your emotions as anger,
frustration or irritability? These could be effects of an empty mind. When you are jobless and have
no work to do, your mind fills up with unnecessary and useless thoughts. This could be called mental
clutter. These thoughts may include reminiscing about your past bad experiences, complaining,
worrying excessively about your unpredicted future or feeling anxiety in the present. These thoughts
tend to become a habit and get bottled up, until one day when it’s full and you will have an outburst.
Few of the simple ways to de-clutter your mind are: Clean up your surroundings, note down your
thoughts by keeping a journal and reflecting on it, Concentrate on one activity at a time- do not
multitask, choose your surroundings and people wisely, prioritize your daily activities and finally
practice meditation.
By having a cluttered mind, not only do you give out negative energy, you also invite negativity into
your life. Use these simple and easy tips that will help you live a more peaceful and happier life.
Bring your mind into your control and live a fulfilled life.

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