Depression – how to turn it around

Depression takes a vacation! Depression is the simplest mental illness to stop, to pause, to relieve day after day, in hospitals all over the world. Doctors are still striving to cure depression without making patients aware of the very relief that is available to them for free. Some cases of severe, deep seated depression might need a long term treatment and medication, but some mild depression, sadness’s can be caused by having the person to take action. Consider if every depressed person knew and studied that a person can’t remain depressed if they are taking action continuously, then maybe more and more patients would start taking action in their own lives.

Society is so dependent on drugs and on healing that comes from surgery and drugs that society is restless to hear what the truth is about depression and what might relieve it. I’m not here to tell that some people don’t need medications. But I’m saying that in some cases where mild depression is alive that taking action, being creative and active does relieve that depression, even if only temporary.

You can keep taking action to relieve that depression usually in the same manner one takes medications and pills. You cannot relieve depression by taking drugs and then taking no action. Being depressed needs you to be still, to lay dormant, to stay put in one place, to have no imagination, to have no desire to do anything in the life.