Do you believe in Astrology?

Roger Federer and Kane Williamson both lost their respective matches on the night of 14th July 2019….few astonishing similarities:

1) Both of them are born on 8th August; same sun sign
2) Both of them lost very very close encounters
3) Both matches were tied….one went to super over and other went to extended 5th set after 6-6
4) Even extended play couldn’t decide the winner…tie in super over and 12-12 in extended set
5) Kane’s team lost by hitting 9 less boundaries; Federer lost by scoring 9 less points in tiebreaker…7-5, 7-4, 7-3
6) Both threw away opportunities… 4 overthrow runs by NZ…. 4 crucial points by federer (2 championship points + 2 break points on 11-11 in fifth set)
7) Both lost in the same city of London
8) One lost at pandhari of cricket ‘lords’ and other lost at pandhari of tennis ‘Wimbledon’
9) Majority of people from entire world were praying for their victory