Does Overthinking driving you crazy?

What is overthinking actually? If you spend time thinking more about the unproductive and unnecessary is overthinking.

Well, this is very second, as I jot down, i feel scared and anxious. Im stretching beyond my comfort zone – writing Is new to me – and im already stressed so much. How am I ever going to think of enough things to write about? How to keep it going?

According to me overthinking is a learned behavior and as such it can be unlearned. While sometimes overthinking can lead to issues and action solving, my specific brand of overthinking is inherently negative. But im on to its crazy ways. So how to change this automatic, worrying, overthinking and fearful mindset? You will have to realize that you are doing it and then you have to stop yourself. Just like learning any new skill, it takes dedication and practice.

I decided to follow these prolonged approach whenever I realize im driving crazy myself

Reading something inspirational

I totally believe that you are your thoughts. If I think im not going to make enough money or my blog is not going to reach my audience, it’s a real thing those things will happen. Read something encouraging and positive and inspirational helps your brain switch gears.

Do something

Do something like going for a walk or do yoga or meditation. Make something, call your family or friends that can keep you engaged. Doing something you find joyful is surely the best antidote to worrying that. That I can think.