Your unrestricted support and donation to ItsOnlyMind can help us spread awareness and provide necessary support to society in order to gain a more holistic view in life.

Help us help the society by making donations that will contribute towards several activities that we conduct to improve the overall wellbeing of our people. Our sessions of workshops include: free meditation, pranayamas training, village youth career guidance, traffic awareness, environment awareness, annadhanams, free tuition, talent hunt, mind counselling, Swatch Bharat campaign, blanking the mind, sports awareness, village sports , helping the physically, mentally challenged and many other social issues.

Exempted under 80- G and Tax Benifits
A deduction can be claimed under section 80G only when the contribution is made to specified funds and institutions either via cheque or cash.
Every money was donated would be spent for social causes will be declared every week in the portal.

We are doing our bit to the society and here is how you can help! ☺