Ego, though a small three letter word

Ego, though a small three letter word, it is the biggest enemy for self. It not only destroys your relationship with others, it destroys your relationship with others. The simplest way to know if you have ego or not is to recognize if you get affected when someone corrects your mistakes. If you get offended, you have ego problems. Ego doesn’t let you learn or evolve as a person. It stops you from accepting your mistakes and growing as a person. It is the root cause of destroying all kinds of relationships and creation of several problems.
The simplest way to overcome your ego problem is to firmly believe that you and everyone around you are equals. That way you learn to give respect and take respect and tend to ssee the beauty in everything and learn from them. You need to understand that the only person bigger or better than you is Almighty. If not for him and his blessings, you would not be where you are in life at this moment. While it is good to have confidence in what you know or are good at, don’t boast about it. Keep in mind that these can be taken away from your life at any time and bring down your ego.
Ego hinders your growth as a person in several ways. Stay humble, remember your roots and remember that it is because of Almighty that you are where you are. Remove the E from Ego, and just Go! That is the only way forward to living a fulfilling life.