Expectations And How It Destroys Our Peace Of Mind

The famous playwright, actor and poet ‘Shakespeare’ himself has said that expectations always lead to being hurt. He once asked,

“I always feel happy. Do you know why? 
Because I don’t expect anything from anyone”

True to that, more often than not, expectations are the root cause of most problems faced by people. But this being said, expectation is a natural human tendency owing to the multitude exposure throughout our lives. Since our childhood, we listen to so many stories, watch several films, face many incidents and look up to many role models which builds up a lot of expectations in our minds as to what how others should behave with us. And when they don’t meet our expectations we become upset and depressed which disturbs our peace of mind. This often happens when you expect your loved ones to behave in a certain way but they fail to fulfil that. Instead of becoming disheartened by this, you could try to analyse and understand the reason behind the unexpected behaviour which will make you more empathetic and also give you peace of mind.
Having a pragmatic approach to life will help in maintaining peace and happiness among relations because being pragmatic means to have lesser yet realistic expectations on others. But more so, when these less expectations are also not fulfilled, you will need to accept it as it is and move on by reasoning your way out of distress. Keep doing what you need to be doing without any reciprocation of the same actions from the others, and this attitude will help maintain harmony at home, at work and with your loved ones. Therefore, do not blame others for your disappointment, blame yourself for expecting too much out of them.