Finding your passion, pitfalls – Common traps to avoid

Jul 4, 2019

So, you are ready to find your passion? Great! This is a great journey, but be careful! There are various dangerous traps along the way to your goal! Or maybe you have just found your passion – then congrats. You are one step closer to living your dream! But before you rush off to enjoy your new found exciting love, or before you charge off on your journey of self discovery, you must consider a few things carefully to omit dire ruin. While you are on this journey, there are some potential traps you need to watch out for and avoid those pitfalls.

The DEAR trap

One of the most dangerous traps you might fall into is the DEAR trap which means Dropping Everything and Running Towards your Passion!

Does this sound like a warning? Once you find the passion, you must put aside your fears as soon as possible and run at it full steam, right?

Think twice, your new passion is a business. Well done! But do you have to quit the job immediately? Do your research maybe you will have to wait for six or seven months to get all the licence you want – maybe renovating that new shop space for your dream shop is going to take a few months or a year!

The Passion Pit

This comes when we think that our passion is a valuable business, when it really does not need to be. Your passion might be a completely fulfilling hobby.

Rotten fruit

If you have found your passion, and now you want to do it all the time – as that will make you happy. Well, sometimes the answer is NO. Not all of your passions are great for you.  A healthy passion does not necessarily offer you healthy fruit if you try to do it all day.

Be aware of any passion that threatens your liberty and health – especially if you decide your passion is something that is also illegal.

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