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September 30, 2019 at 8:21 am

Besides the basics like my health and the health of my loved ones, I need two things to be happy.

I need people around me to be happy. Not in a fake way, and of course not all the time. I have to surround myself with people who view life as I do, with humor and optimism and a down-to-earth personality. I would rather be by myself than be surrounded by the wrong vibe.
I need travel plans to be happy. If I don’t have some kind of trip planned in the future, I tend to feel depressed. If I die without seeing certain parts of this beautiful and amazing planet I will feel like I’ve failed as a human being. I’ve entered a new phase of financial stability/success in my life, I’m newly single and I’m doing what makes me happy. I would rather spend my money on experiences rather than physical belongings; the memories and growth made while traveling is invaluable. Seeing the world changes you as a person, there is absolutely so much more than America to explore. At the moment I have two major trips booked and I’m incredibly excited. I’m happier than I’ve been in such a long time.

November 7, 2019 at 6:34 am

I used to think that since happiness is a state of mind, one should always be happy regardless of external circumstances. And it used to bother me a lot because I am definitely not always happy. That used to make me wonder if something is wrong with me, making me further unhappy. Talk about irony!

It very recently dawned on me that it is not just fine to be unhappy, but it is not even desirable or possible to be happy all the time. If we have suffered a loss or say a loved one is unwell, it would be inappropriate to be happy. If you suffer some upset in life, even if as small as your favourite cricket team losing a match, it is quite normal to be a little upset. If you see some injustice, it should make you sad and angry.

Obviously one should not wallow in sadness for very long, but all feelings such as sadness, anxiety, frustration, and even anger, are perfectly legitimate in the right context and within reasonable bounds. Gradually, we should find sensible ways to respond to those feelings and go back to a more ‘normal’ state of mind.

Instead of happiness, what we can always seek is a sense of acceptance and ease in our mind. Even when we are angry or frustrated, maybe we should acknowledge our feelings, and give ourselves the time to overcome it with appropriate action (e.g., forgiveness). I am definitely not an expert or even very good at that.

I now feel better that I don’t have to carry the ‘burden’ of being always cheerful and happy. It was not going to happen anyway 🙂

November 7, 2019 at 8:30 am

I feel unqualified to answer this, but I’ve listened to what other people say and selected what I consider to be the best parts:
Find people who are kind and genuinely care about you, whose company you enjoy. These are not very easy to find, so make sure you hang on to the ones you do meet. This should be the #1 priority in your life. Don’t put your career ahead of it, except for short periods of time. Unless you’re a sociopath, nothing else has as great a potential to contribute to your happiness as positive interactions with other people.
Find something you really enjoy doing. Even if you can’t make a career out of it, make it a priority in your life. Go rock climbing. Tinker around with your car. Build a ship in a bottle. Design a website. Human beings have an innate need to be challenged and to improve themselves. You will derive great satisfaction from your achievements and personal growth.
Avoid feeling threatened by people who are better than you. Even if you can never be as good as them at something, so what?
Don’t chase material possessions or tons of meaningless sex in an effort to compensate for not truly being happy. It appears that it does little to improve overall satisfaction in life. (But that doesn’t mean material possessions and meaningless sex are bad per se.)
Don’t judge other people. It won’t do them any good, and it’ll make you unhappy, too. Live and let live.
Resist the pressure to conform to what society is telling you you should want, and to do what society tells you you should do. Don’t get married to the wrong person just because society is telling you that you should get married. Don’t have kids just because society is telling you that you should have kids. These are two of the biggest mistakes that most people could possibly make.
If you find that you’re unhappy even though many other people in similar life situations are content, consider the possibility that you may be depressed. If you really are depressed, then none of these tips are really going to help you unless you get therapy.

The funny thing is that most of the items on this list are things that people gradually discover as they get older. That’s why people tend to become happier as they get older.

November 7, 2019 at 11:52 am

I am introducing a proven method by which anyone in this planet can be happy all the time everyday,It is applied to 153 people (till 12.10.16) and within two days of practice they are able to choose to be happy.

Yes,Happiness is a choice, but a very few can choose to be happy ,here within two days you will learn, how to make the choice to be happy.

The Happiness Routine :

Plan your daily work before going to sleep and write it in a small note book with time duration of each task you are going to do entire day and start following it from the beginning. 🙂

Because we can only be happy entire day when everything goes like exactly we want. So we must need to write what we want from a day so that we can follow it and get what we want. It gives a happiness boost at the end of the day when you see your copy and you see you have done exactly what you wanted to do throughout the day. 🙂
Sleep for 6 hours at least. 🙂
Wake up early morning and practice only 10 minutes of mediation: Don’t worry it is not at all difficult to do meditation, there are only 4 steps to do it. Click on 4 steps. 🙂
Eat a healthy heavy breakfast ,normal lunch and light dinner:
There is a famous quotation:
“ Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, & Dinner like a Beggar”.
( Or as I prefer to say it)
“Eat Breakfast like a Queen, Lunch like a Princess, & Dinner like a Beggar”. 🙂
A 45 min of exercise to make your body happy. 🙂
Keep half an hour or more for you, just for you and do things you like in that half an hour a day. 🙂
On Sunday please please please I request you to go out and have fun. 🙂
Repeat the routine Everyday. 🙂

Motivational page recommendation : happiness in 5 minutes. 🙂

November 22, 2019 at 6:07 am

To answer this question though, we’re going to need to better define our terms. I’m going to use the word “happiness” as a positive emotion that is experienced when things go well for us. For example, seeing a cute puppy on the street might make you happy; that person you had a crush on or your spouse/lover paying you special attention might make you happy; doing well on an exam or performance or getting a raise might make you happy.

December 9, 2019 at 10:51 am

Spelling the word “woman” itself makes me feel happy and proud for my gender.Many say “Women can’t equal men”.Yes, I agree to that but guys,even men can’t be equal to women in all aspects.With the feeling of boldness I want to express some situations where I feel I’m glad for being a woman.

1.From at the age of 7,I faced a lot of sexual harrasments from many boys and men,teachers.Even my elder and younger brothers used to touch me inappropriately.I didn’t even share with anyone.

2. Being a girl,I have many restrictions from ny family but the one thing that led me positive is living happily with what I have

3. After that god made complete woman by physical changes . No boy can even imagine themselves bleeding for 1 week for every month of their life.

4.We have physical issues many.

5.We face a lot from society regarding marriage,domestic work,friendship with opposite gender,going out after 7pm.

6.I live to make my dreams live.They make me breathe no matter what.

7.Opposite gender friendships are somtimes a curse too.Some of them pretend in front of us..Some of them comment with vulgarity with lust full of eyes and many too.

8.Being a girl and woman,We are sensitive in smaller aspects of life but in bigger aspects of life we just smile and solve with a confidence.

9.After marriage,we do all the domestic work,face a lot from husband’s house,child birth may lead usto our death,still we prefer to give birth and many after that.

10.May many think that women are emotional,lacking confidence,courage but believe nothing is more beautiful than a woman with self confidence and trust that she can conquer this world.

Many think I’m boyish,innocent,immatured,sensitive,dumb etc but I’m actually another inside.I just make them see what they want to see me as. So that they can be satisfied. Only we have this super power.

Being all the multiple roles,enjoying with every thing we have,being complicate to be understood by men,with self confidence and gender obsession makes me happy and actually proud to say that I’m a woman.

And never ever feel ashamed of this. Move with confidence as we can conquer this world.

Thankyou 🙂

December 20, 2019 at 11:49 am

Having someone to love you unconditionally and loving them back unconditionally in return plays a big part in your happiness. It gives more meaning to your life because you have someone to share every moment of your existence with.

As humans, we have an innate need to feel loved and desired. And just having someone to share your life with can give you a lot of happiness and fulfillment. After all, love does make everything in life more meaningful and special.