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October 12, 2018 at 7:42 am

How to separate emotions from practicality?

October 12, 2018 at 7:55 am

Many things in life should be seen as tools – to be used only when the situation demands it, and to be kept aside when the situation does not demand it. BOTH are important. In fact, I would go so far as to say that knowing which tool to use in what situation is the beginning of wisdom.

Now, that preamble done with, if you think about “meaning of life” etc, most of our meaning comes with “doing”, and not just thinking. When you see things that way, what is “Practical” is basically what we [and others] choose to DO. Please remember that word “choose”. THAT is the crux of our entire existence in fact. In most if not all situations, we have a choice in what we should DO. What we FEEL in any situation is our own thing – and varies according to the nature (genes) and nurture (growing up) of each person.

What is Practical? It is being used in a sense of “What is doable, what is achievable, what is acceptable to ourselves and others” etc. Because for every situation, there are umpteen paths possible. But only a few amongst them are doable, achievable and precious few amongst those are acceptable to all. So, our sense of what is practical becomes better and better the more and more we are aware of this [in a situation].

What is “being emotional”> This is to simply do things as the emotion-of-the-moment dictates without considering whether its practical as per the above definition.

So, one can see that it is important to be practical and not “be emotional” when DOING things. However, the caveat is that an event that LOOKS emotional could also be practical. Such as for example: In order to help unite the family and make it more bonded, one could forego a much higher paying job in a far off place. That may look like an emotional decision – when in fact, it is based on the emotion of putting the welfare of the family above one’s personal achievement [if it comes to that]. In fact, doing the opposite: Taking the job and ignoring the family is what is an “emotional” decision, since that person has put self before family. Again, this has to be on case by case basis and there is no one rule that fits all situations or all people.

October 12, 2018 at 7:57 am

“Follow your heart” is nothing but “Follow your emotions” and when you follow your emotions you resign from your job, sleep all the day, eat burgers, watch movies and stop exercising. Factually speaking life would be very difficult if we are to live wholly by heart because it is spontaneous and we might even kill ourselves.

People who kill themselves think emotionally, because their mind had gone in a loo. Even if the people around them make them understand that life is far richer and abundant. Even if they shout their throats off that the pain will subside soon and everyone goes through it they won’t understand, until their practical thinking power overrides their emotional system.

Mind is the one who screams a lot. It thinks long term but, heart is stronger than mind. So, strong… that during decision-making, it can paralyze your mind. Especially, when you can’t resist a beautiful dress. It is unaffordable, yet you buy it anyway.

Being emotional makes you think short term and being practical … long term. That is the advantage when you are tempted by cigarettes but, you have decided to quit it. Your heart says go for it but, your mind puts in all the efforts to hold it back. That is what you call emotional Independence…….

October 12, 2018 at 8:00 am

I will say it is obvious that being practical is better….but not better than being emotional until you know how to keep your emotional quotient on count.Emotions makes us human.Emotions keep us alive,yes! There is nothing wrong in being practical now a days,but there lies a big question inside. Is being practical gives you the peace of mind? Is being practical makes you sleep without any tension in your head at the end of the day? Are you more of the human inside you Or you just playing hide and seek with your self?

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October 12, 2018 at 8:03 am

I noticed something that guys are so practical and we girls are so emotional. And that practicality of boys annoys us and we wonder how this comes to them like that.

We girls got so emotionally attached to them that they breaks us when we start trusting them. So far I got to believe that practicality is being friendly with everyone but trusting none. Neither in friendship nor in love. So be practical only when you know the theory of being practical.

Emotions makes us weak always, the need is to get out of yourself and it is the biggest obstacle. Being practical is always interesting. Hearts will never be practical untill they are made breakable. It doesn’t mean that you always allow yourself to get attached and get hurt. Think like, it is only for today you never know what the shit is waiting for you tomorrow.

September 27, 2019 at 5:31 am

You really don’t want this. If others can’t convince you maybe I can. Growing up I was a very sensitive kid and cried at the smallest thing, maybe just someone looking at me funny, this went on for a and only one girl ever talked to me or was nice to me. Long story short, I moved away, got my heart broken and felt like shit. I didn’t have any friends, and had troubles at home. I thought about suicide often (though I don’t think I’d have actually tried anything) and I wished I could just stop feeling, and over the course of about a year, I did. I don’t cry any more, I don’t feel empathy for others. I’m not evil or something, I get angry when I hear about child abuse or murders, but I don’t feel sympathy. Just today my girlfriend was a mess in tears because her parents are divorcing. I comforted her and tired to make her feel better, but I didn’t feel any connection, in fact at times I just wished she’d stop because her sobbing was annoying. Today I realized, I don’t love her and I never really have. I care about her safety and don’t want to hurt her, but I have no connection to her and I never have. Listen from someone who doesn’t feel, what ever you’re going through, it must suck, I could relate, but you don’t want this. I constantly wonder, whats wrong with me? Am I a sociopath? I wasn’t born like this, it was the opposite. I miss the feeling of love, the feeling of sadness. Don’t try to lose it, you’ll quickly regret it.

September 27, 2019 at 9:44 am

It’s extremely hard to control emotions once they get going, so the best bet is to create conditions where they are less likely to inappropriately arise.

The best way I know how to do this is to rehearse and be prepared. For example, I lecture several times a week to (frequently) resentful groups of people who have been forced by the court to listen to me.

I make sure that I know the material inside and out, upside and down so that I don’t find myself feeling defensive.
I go into the room knowing that I am likely to find resistance so I don’t find myself blindsided, surprised or hurt.
I understand that their emotions are situational and not personal – as I sometimes say “You have to know me better to hate me this much.”
I have learned over the years what sort of responses work with what sort of provocation – I’m pretty good at knowing whether to meet something with humor or sternness or empathy. After a decade in this work, I have a wide variety of skills, from ignoring a muttering jerk to enlisting someone with poor impulse control as a “helper” to recruiting others in my defense so I rarely feel insecure or unprepared