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November 7, 2019 at 11:33 am

The top 5 components of a healthy relationship for me include (from both sides):

1) Friendship : Sharing a ‘ friends’ like relationship with your partner. You don’t have to fake or act up before them. You can be bare naked with your thoughts with them without feeling guilty or fearful of their reactions.

2) Individuality: Respecting AND Accepting each other as individuals. This means that you don’t try to twist, switch or change the other AS PER YOUR NEEDS OR WISHES. You accept them with their flaws, rights and wrongs. This is different from point #3 below.

3) Making each other better individuals without changing each other: This means that you actually encourage them to do and be better version of themselves without actually pushing the change down their throat.

4) Supporting during down times and celebrating in good times: This means that you are NOT those ‘I told you so’ kind of partner. You do not down talk or berate over small, trivial downs. You, instead, pick the pieces up and help them stand and be there for them. You also are ‘really happy’ for their success rather than taking the credit for their promotion or clearing the exam.

5) Trying new things: This could be anything. Trying a new dish, experimenting baking, trying a new restaurant or whatever. Things like this will make sure you don’t get bored over routines and fall into ease and eventually bore each other out.

December 20, 2019 at 9:53 am

Firstly love is the first element. Love your partner. And show them.
Loyalty. If u love them, be loyal. Cheating and betrayal hurt the most.
Trust. If there is no trust left in a relationship, the relationship is void
Understanding between you two. You should be able to understand how they feel/ what they want.
Have your privacy. If u two are arguing over something solve it yourself. Don’t go complaining to your bff.
Acceptance. Always be accepting. Don’t try to bend them the way you desire.
Respect. Always respect your partner and their decision. If u have some opinion . Share it . Discuss. Don’t force it on them.
Attraction is a must too. I’m not saying lust. But a healthy chemistry between the two.
That is almost all the elements I can think of rn. Hope this helps !