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September 27, 2019 at 12:18 pm

Six years ago I was so depressed I thought I would kill myself.

I had nothing going on in my life. And the girl I was dating kept calling me “crazy”, would break up with me every day, and refuse to introduce me to her friends.

I had three failed businesses that year and the year before. And I was going to go broke with two kids to support.

This past year, one of my investments sold for 4000% of my initial investment. A business I started went from $0 in revenues to $12,000,000 in eight months. I published two books and wrote 100s of articles and do 12 podcasts a week.

But I don’t work hard. I’m about to go get a sandwich. I slept late today.

I don’t say this because it’s so great. I’d like to be a little more effective in my work. It’s a practice and not a formula. Every day I practice.

Here’s what I do. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. I think each person has to find what works for them.

I used to not do these things. And when I didn’t do these things, nothing would happen. Life doesn’t stand still: it either gets worse or better.

Eventually it gets a lot worse. We die. That’s the only real truth.

But in the meantime, here’s what I try to do to be successful and work harder.


I don’t read the News. I used to work for the news. I know what happens there. The more you read news, the less informed you are, the more time you just wasted.

Since I stopped reading news, I read more books. i get more info. I feel more alive. I get less scared.

I also don’t talk to people who want to gossip. Gossip never made anyone a success.

And I don’t say “yes” to things I don’t want to do. Else I resent the person who asked me, I hate myself for saying yes, and I’m bad at whatever it is I said “yes” to.

So, in order to work harder, I try to find as much NOTHING in my life as possible.

September 30, 2019 at 8:19 am

Inspiration is something that comes from within. None of the external factors can inspire or motivate you.

You need to have full faith in yourself. Nothing should be left to chance or destiny. If your life is not perfect, only YOU are to be blamed and no one else. Take responsibilities for your actions and thoughts.

The next best way is to be inspired everyday. Motivation is like bath – We need them everyday. Motivation runs out with time. So, stay recharged…

November 7, 2019 at 6:36 am

I really don’t know why I am writing my story here :P. But somehow, I felt like writing.

One fine day, life slaps you so hard that u realize u need to be more serious. That day, motivation floods you and you will just feel like a rocket i.e. fire in your ass!!!

I am a small town guy coming from a lower middle class background. Both my mother and father, the most educated people in their respective families, finished 12th. My father took up a job as a clerk in a rural bank. Theirs was an inter-caste marriage and so, both were thrown out of their families. My grandmother (father’s mother) made it a point to visit my home on the 1st of every month and take a lion’s share of my dad’s salary away, leaving us with hardly enough money to eat. My mother was on the verge of getting murdered by my relatives and she escaped. That’s when they fought against their families and started their own life. Unable to make both the ends meet, my mother started working as a bus conductor.

Revenge can bring Motivation!!!
I was a topper in school but my dreams were very small and somehow, I was over-confident. In my 10th class, I performed way bad compared to the expectations. Ashamed of myself, I couldn’t face any of my friends’ parents for fear of being laughed at. I chose to be house-arrested and never went out for 2 months. But my so-called friends’ parents didn’t stop there. I realized it one day when my father came home from office, crying. He sat by me and said, ” This X guy (My friend’s dad) met me on the way and told me I am expecting too much from an arrogant and hopeless son. But I still have hope in you. Today, I can’t be proud of you but I am sure you will buck up and make me proud one day”. Only I know how I spent those two months crying all day when my parents were out. I realized what I am and joined a local junior college. I scored 11th highest marks in the state in my 11th std. And there started my journey where the only goal was to make my parents proud of me.

Take a chance, it can change your life
I was not able to ace IIT mains, but I got into Electrical Engineering at NIT Jaipur. The thought of moving out of my district for the first time scared the shit out of me. I couldn’t speak a word in Hindi. Took a chance, went all the way to Jaipur to see what it holds, took the opportunity, did well and got into NTPC.

This was a great achievement for my parents given the background I came from. But there was something else I wanted to do.

Take a bold step and everything else will bow before you
After a good 3 years at NTPC, I decided to pursue my almost forgotten dream of MBA. I had terribly failed in CAT during my final year undergrad. I prepared hard, aced CAT and then got into IIM Ahmedabad.
All was well but here came the biggest decision. My so-called-friends’ parents convinced my mother about how foolish I should be to leave a lucrative PSU job. But my dad patted my back and let me pursue my dream. So, I took the biggest step, spent a life-changing two years there and now started working for a good multinational company. 🙂

Things I learnt from my life:
1. There are people behind you who expect something from you and believe that you can do it.
2. The society may flatter you when you are successful but will laugh behind your back when you are down.
3. Don’t let emotions overcome your goal. Trust me I had a very bad break-up a week before entering IIM A.
4. Take chances because all the opportunities in life come only in the form of chances

That’s how the school boy who used to work as a coolie after school to build his own home came this far. And today, when I look back I can still see my dad hugging me during my IIMA days with wet eyes saying “People call me Hareesh’s dad today, they even forgot my name. I am so proud of you”- The best day of my life 🙂

Quotes that inspire me:

Harsha Bhogle once said, ” Don’t run behind success. Run behind something called excellence. Eventually, success will come running behind you”

Don’t hate people who laughed at you and love people who stood by you because both of them contributed equally to your success.

[EDIT 1]: By the word coolie, I just meant that I carried bricks and mortar along with my parents to build my own home. Not a railway coolie or something. Thanks people for pointing it out 😛

November 7, 2019 at 8:28 am

Some people are just born to work hard. If you were not and need external motivation, you are at a distinct disadvantage. Because hard work is one of the most predictive traits of success.

It is very possible to succeed without working hard. And it is very possible not to succeed even though you do work hard. But working hard massively improves your odds of success.

Some people come out of the womb loving to work hard. These people instinctually sacrifice the present for some imaginable future benefit.

Deep Insecurities Drive Working Hard

Some who work crazy hours are motivated because of deep insecurities. This person often holds two opposing views himself: both an inflated view of themselves AND an insecurity about who they are. They constantly think people are not giving them the respect they deserve. They are driven to work to get that respect.

Of course, having these insecurities is not really a good thing. It generally is not good for the person (though it can have positive benefits to society due to all the great things that come from hard work).

So if you are looking to work hard, I would not suggest you develop a new personality where you feel both that the world is ganging up on you AND that you are insecure. But just know that you are at a disadvantage to those that do feel that way because they will be driven to work the long hours you may avoid.

Mission-Driven: A Healthier Alternative

Another way to to be driven to work super hard is to care greatly about a cause and work towards solving that cause. That’s often the healthier way to motivate yourself.

By working on something mission-driven, you can overpower your motivation to waste time. Working on something mission-driven can give you the motivation to put in the long hours and focus … because you have the opportunity to change the world for the better.

November 7, 2019 at 9:30 am

Working hard is very easy. I will share my story, which looks very simple, but believe me, it’s very effective.

I am sharing my journey how I started reading 14–15 hours a day regularly from hardly 6–8 hours!!

Make a priority list. For what you want to work hardest, is always the 1st priority!
I want to become a neurosurgeon. That’s my 1st priority. So until and unless I will be successful in that, I don’t think of other things.

I love to go out for tours. But at now, when someone present with a plan, I just think of myself, that week will affect my preparation and I deny it! I am always always sure what comes 1st for me. So no confusion!

November 7, 2019 at 11:36 am

The motivating factors –

I had nothing more to lose after college. Hence, not afraid of failing one more time. Chased the biggest goal of my life – Civil Service – and bagged it in one go.
Friends and well wishers ditched me when I needed their support. The experience hardened me as a person, and made me realize the truth of life – you have to fight for yourself, because nobody else can/will!
I realized there was no point living life based on friends or people. Goals, ambitions and career matter far more than useless acquaintances/friends. Acted accordingly and shut myself out from social media. This preserved my energy for productive work in many ways.
Every time someone threw barbs at me for having achieved so little, it only hardened my resolve of doing something phenomenal.
“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Life had toughened me enough to live up to this saying.

December 20, 2019 at 10:06 am

You got to understand few things about me first.

Food was not just food to me. It was my reason to live.
I used to work 14 hours a day and food was my only comfort so deciding to go on a diet was as difficult as uninstalling whats-app, Facebook and Instagram in one go.
Food was not in my life, my life was in the food that I ate.