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August 21, 2019 at 6:29 pm

Meditation has helped me a lot is staying positive. Just an hour of mediation and my whole day is full of joy and positivity. Just watching the thoughts and letting then rise and fall helps greatly in understating that one is not one’s thoughts. With deeper understanding, one can detach oneself from negative thoughts completely and remain positive all through life.

August 21, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Thinking positive and remaining positive always has numerous health benefits, both physical and mental. Just remember that you physical and mental well being is the most important thing in this world. This way you will be driven to be positive always.

August 21, 2019 at 6:31 pm

Being positive all the time is not possible. No matter how much we try, we tend to feel negative things. It is out of our control. So being positive always is very difficult. Maybe continuous practice helps

September 27, 2019 at 12:13 pm

I would scoff at the first sound or thought of ‘Be Positive’. These words are most commonly used by those who can’t be in your shoes but still want to help, I thought.

September 30, 2019 at 8:23 am

I’m sitting in the train and I hear someone crying, screaming, and howling in the next compartment.

There was a crowd that’d gathered around whoever was crying.

Intrigued, I rushed there.

I see a girl, about my age, on the phone, crying her lungs out.

On asking around I found out that she’d just lost her father thirty minutes ago, and she’d just received the news.

I immediately ran and sat next to her.

She cried and cried and cried.

Papa mar gaye.

The crowd dispersed in about 5 minutes and then there were two aunties, me, a little girl, and one guy.

As I sat there, I heard them speak utter nonsense.

One aunty said that her family was extremely irresponsible for telling her the news while she was on the train.

Another said that she should eat. The guy said that he’d lost his mother a few years ago and how life goes on.

Then the aunties chipped in to say how they’d lost their father and mother too when they were very young.

They asked her to stop crying, they asked her to eat, and when she wouldn’t, they almost forced her to.

I sat there and I looked at her.

All of this was irritating her and making her cry more.

I asked the aunties to stop talking.

The girl immediately joined me to ask them to shut up.

They did.

I told her to not eat if she didn’t want to.

The aunties protested, but I stopped them, and told them to let her be.

They did.

In fifteen minutes, they left.

I sat with her in silence, all alone.

For the next ten minutes, we didn’t say a word. Then I introduced myself.

I started by telling her that if she didn’t want to do something, she had every right not to.

None of us knew what she was going through.

I also told her that I was going to sit with her for as long as she needed me, and if she wanted to cry I’ll hold her hand for as long as she wanted.

She opened up while I listened.

I didn’t interrupt her, but to ask more questions.

She spoke for an hour.

By then, she was talking about how much her father loved her, her family, and the little things her father did for her.

In another 30 minutes, as I sat beside her, she gathered up the courage to call her mother.

In another hour, she ate a Hide and Seek I offered her, and in half an hour she finished her food.

All the while, she spoke, and I listened.

In another hour, she smiled at a joke I cracked.

By the time I left, and this girl sat beside her, she was fine, she’d smiled a couple of times, and I knew about her entire life.

As I left, she thanked me a hundred million times.

She hadn’t healed, but she would make it through somehow to reach home.

Q – How do I stay positive during tough times?

Surround yourself with the right people.

People who know that at times people don’t need advice, they just need someone to listen to them.

People who build you up, instead of using you as an excuse to talk about themselves.

People who understand that they’ll never understand what you’re going through.

People who’ll stand by you as you learn to walk again.

October 15, 2019 at 11:43 am

Stop watching all other news channels except DD News.
Be selfish. Think about yourself and your loved ones only.
Stop advertising your feelings and moods on social media.
Watch a movie when you are in a bad mood to escape the world.
Don’t overthink about your past and future. Both are uncontrollable and unchangeable.
Stop worrying about corruption, terrorism, global warming, poverty, feminism and everything else which you can’t change.
Spend as much as of your time as you can with kids.
The least you expect, the happier you become.
Smile, all the time, even if you are sad. Fake it till you make it.
Don’t try to find happiness. Learn to be happy anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

November 7, 2019 at 6:22 am

Before I started to read this feed I was thinking…maybe I should first write my answer and then look at the other answers because actually this is what I like about quora. The often provoking answers that provide u with such a diversity of point of views, different from yours, that kind of force you to reflect and often think a bit different afterwards.

In this case I did read answers before and saw as always, that it largely depends on what you mean by the action of positive thinking. Why and when and how.

I don’t like it too much when my head keeps spinning around this and then I stop myself.

So here is my simple view on the power of positive thinking. I’m not a neurologist or social psychologist.

I came to a point in my life where I gave up to look for answers. It is how it is….that’s life. This go as they go.

With this new “I dont care anymore attitude” a more and more relaxed and positive way of looking at life started automatically.

And suddenly….everything else was easier, I was happier because I didn’t worry anymore. Although in some critical moments I sometimes forced myself to stop complain about food in a Restaurante, the bad Weather, my body, my low salary…I saw that I complained because “one does so “. I never thought wheather these things actually really bothered me.

I then felt more and more free from expectations and judgements. I fell in love the first time in my life, I got really self assured because I acted authentic and always listened to myself.

I am happier then ever before. I will see what future brings but I make no more plans, it’s Senseless. I have my opinions but I’m open to others. I have such a lucky life having a job, health and education… I really shouldn’t complain. I think about the positive aspects always!!!! People in my work got fired and others complained about the extra work but I looked at the new things I will learn taking over work from others.

I am convinced that your emotional wellbeing g depends on what u say to yourself and others. The people around me keep telling me that I was the most happy Person they’ve ever seen. It’s like they feel it even I enter the room.

I tell myself every morning that all is good and nothing bad will happen and that I have the most beautiful boyfriend, how lucky I am and so on.

Thinking is always powerful, it is manageing the brain. Negative thinking gives you exactly what your ask for ( emotionally) and so does positive thinking, too. Then your actions folow. Negative thoughts can bring people to kill themselves and scream etc