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September 17, 2019 at 4:11 am

Why are students in medical colleges so over-stressed over academics? Why can’t they take life easy and take enjoyment in studying, without being bothered about their marks or exam outcomes?

September 17, 2019 at 4:13 am

Because of you people!

Yes. You guys who don’t understand or even try to understand what we go through. Think that we are just exaggerating when we share about our hardships with you.

We are overstressed because everyone expects us to exceed our capacity. We are expected to know everything, remember everything, study everything.. and what not. All this from whom? From our teachers and lecturers sure. But also from you lay men who are our relatives and friends.

Whenever we meet, after many months or years, ask us about our life only if you are genuinely interested to know. Don’t taunt us on everything we do.

No, we can’t prescribe medicines as soon as we join MBBS. We are still learning. Understand it. Don’t say things like “what is the use of studying MBBS? You don’t even know to give one medicine.” You have no idea how much it damages our confidence.
Stop trolling us for not having an active social life. Yeah , we cancel plans, do not go out with you people on weekends. That’s because our priority is studying. We have loads and exams which we clearly don’t want to fail. If we choose to sleep instead of hanging out don’t blame us. Sleep sometimes is a luxury for us.
Don’t compare our syllabus to yours. Don’t boast that you score great marks just by studying the previous night but we study everyday and still struggle to pass. Don’t even try to compare. You can never digest the difference.
Don’t judge us by our marks. “That’s all? You study day and night and score 60% in finals?” Never make comments like this. Again our confidence gets shattered.
We know you are earning a lot. And when we genuinely congratulate you on that matter accept it and say thank you. Instead don’t give comments like, “oh please, you will earn crores together. Our is all nothing in front of you.” Yeah may be we will. But to reach that state the amount of time and hardwork we have to put in is tremendous. Don’t make it seem like we get it all without any efforts.
No. We don’t intend to make money by stealing kidneys and other organs. Stop making that joke. It’s not cool.
We have seen very intelligent people fail by 1–2 marks. We have seen toppers making blunders. So even if we have performed well we’ll always have the fear of not clearing the exams. We are always tensed about the results. Don’t make fun about it. No we are not faking it.
We definitely enjoy what we study. Ask us nicely and we will explain you the whole pathology behind a heart attack, may be along with a diagram. To reach that level of understanding we would have read it some 10 times. In 2–3 books. Yeah thats how we study. That’s why we spend soo much time in library.
We do have fun. We go out with our friends. May be not as much as students from other streams. We take breaks to refresh ourselves. No, we aren’t locked up all day in front of our books.
Yes. We are nerds. There’s no denying it. And it’s necessary to be one to survive in a med school.
These are a few examples I could think of.

Stop taunting us about all this and may be we will feel like hanging out with people more. Understand what we go through and encourage us. Boost our confidence. For once accept that we do work a little harder than the other individuals of our age without getting your ego hurt.

Stop asking us to chill. Because we can’t. We shouldn’t. We will be dealing with lives in future. And chilling all the time will be of no use. We are supposed to study. Gather as much knowledge as possible.

You may feel I am being rude. But this had to be told.

As MBBS students we receive a huge amount of respect and love from our families and friends. Am grateful for all that. Along with that comes equal share of comments, taunts and unnecessary advices, which makes us feel really bad.

I hope I made my point clear!

September 17, 2019 at 4:23 am

Because of 2 reasons, why marks become important!

High rate of failure in exams. What if you have got 95% in 12th and in MBBS, you are failed in 1st year. You will be 6 months behind in your academic year – you will be in minor batch! We can’t take exams lightly!
Being a topper in schools, students are habitual to be best. Like from childhood, there’s a fear of not knowing. Fear of being average. There is a wrong concept of judging people based on marks!
As far as enjoying study is concerned, I will answer it better.

In India, most of students bother about standard books. – they just see length. I have loved reading all standard books. They explain you in detailed story telling manner. But when you read non-standard book, they have just points to crame!!!
People try to read what is important. They leave only 20–30% things but those are links. If you leave it, you can’t see the whole picture.

If you don’t know real elephant, you will never know what it looks like by seeing it in fractions.

Hardest fact is most of students don’t believe in themselves. So they don’t have goals set. They just do what is given to them – read, crame and pass. They don’t have idea about how their life can be beautiful…

September 17, 2019 at 4:25 am

Because we cannot afford to……at least most of us.

Almost all the people, (except few) were school toppers during their time. I personally haven’t got any less than 95% during my school life.

And then it becomes a habit. When you get less you get hurt. Am I talking shit. I know right?

But things change once we enter the medical school, and as they say:

Ya it’s true…it becomes very difficult to even get 75 to 80% now. (That is toppers range, tho’)

But it’s not that we do not enjoy. We go movies, parties, Hangout with buddies and enjoy in hostel too.

Our criteria is different. passing marks at 50%, 75% attendance is essential and practical 80%.

But we take exams very seriously (exceptions are always there). Because we have to score well, if not to top.

And so we study.

We are having our semesters right now. Yesterday (oh no, today) I went to bed at 4: 30 am and woke up at 6:45 am. Gave the exam.

Now I must be sleeping, but I am writing this.. :’)

Good sleep.. sd..

September 17, 2019 at 4:25 am

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September 17, 2019 at 4:29 am

Who has told medical students are not enjoying . we do enjoyment too but yaa medical profession is little tough but I will say I and most of us enjoy their curriculum it’s quite interesting . Each day brings some new adventure .All those who are misleading are those who are not having interest in medicine