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October 26, 2018 at 8:24 am

What are some ways to relieve mental stress?

October 26, 2018 at 8:27 am

I am going to write here, the immediate ways to relieve the random bouts of stress that we face irregularly, but if the stress is a regularly recurring thing, you need a specialist as it may be a symptom of depression or other such long-term issues. The smart thing to do then is to acknowledge it and ask for professional help.

Now, here’s what helps me calm my nerves,

Detach yourself from the stressful environment immediately
– Excuse yourself from wherever you are, just walk away. If nothing else, find a washroom and wash your face, look in the mirror and take a few deep breaths.

Find an empty room (or your car), lock it, put your favorite playlist on, and sing along!
– You’d be surprised how genius this trick is! (If your option is your car, just get in and play the music, do NOT drive)

Meditate / Chant something, anything (even your favorite person’s name will work!)
– You do not need to be a spiritual or religious person, there have been scientific studies showing that meditation relieves stress. And if your thoughts are too scattered, just chanting one word slowly & repeatedly helps one to focus.

Take a bath/shower
– This works like magic especially when your mind is in overdrive. Make sure you keep yourself off of all the thoughts by humming a fun song (even jingles and nursery rhymes help) Here is one of my favorites: There’s a Hole in the Bucket | Nursery Rhymes by Little Fox

Go to a nearby garden and walk barefoot on grass
– Nature is the best cure for stress, just walk a while, admire the different leaves and flowers and sit under a shady tree. Just observe your surroundings.

These are a few buffer tips which may or may not work depending on your preferences:

Drink a warm beverage.
Workout a bit. Even walking/running/jogging helps.
Eat dark chocolate.
Call the closest person in your life.

The most important rule is – GET OFF OF THE INTERNET, DISCONNECT FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE/LAPTOP until you calm yourself.