Having a passion – filled life

If you don’t have passion in your life, then its like going to college without a degree. Passion is the driving force of life, thrusting us along in rolling waves.  We have all ridden on that. More than that, we have all wished to be in that.

You might have seen them. In politics, during church on the stage – those people who don’t consider to ride the waves of passion. They make them. Have you ever considered to be them? Or to hold that within us?

It is abnormal if we did not long to be consumed with a passion – filled life. That is because we are made for that. Sometimes it comes to us – through the sunset, a sermon or a first kiss. And at those times, how can we not guide but desire to hold this passion with us forever?

Passion in work

Having passion for your work is what most people identify passion with. People mostly comment positively when they interact with someone who is correctly doing something they love. Why? Because they exude a vibe that is so energetic and naturally excites us and helps to stay ahead. Also make us jealous.

Passion in Love

This need no introduction, but sadly this probably one the areas where our passion is under – developed. When in a relationship we share our lives, which also includes a lot of private and intimate moments.

Passion in friendships

Friendship needs to grow. Without passion this cannot be achieved. Passion in friendship is not the same as in love but is super important in building a strong social relationship.  This comes from two things – sharing the interests that are passionate and being supportive.

Sharing passionate interests means the friendship that you have must be similar and being supportive means focusing on someone else for a time and some might don’t love this.