How to maintain self control?

Aug 25, 2019

Self control is a learned behavior that needs both emotional and social skill development. Its quite easy for all to maintain self – control in the public eye, even though some people “let it fly” no matter who their audience are. Over time, losing self – control in public has become very common with horrible instances being showcased in the movies and the media regularly. As a result, many of us see people losing control quite often, which makes us less sensitive, making it seem acceptable and normal.

Many parents strive to model and teach self control as they were never taught it themselves. They might have found how to use their self control to keep away unpleasant alternatives such as the strap, spankings etc. As a result, they might fail to teach how effectively this life skill be and why kids lose it.

Three things you must remember if you wish to be successful in both teaching and learning self – control.

  • You should be self – aware so you can choose up on cues early and take action before anything happen serious.
  • You will have to practice new behaviors and follow a new pattern. When you are stressed, take the path you are familiar with, making the pattern repeat.
  • You must have the passion to succeed. Just saying that you want to be more controlled will never work out. You must really want it or your negative thoughts might overpower the optimistic.

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