How to measure success

Jul 10, 2019

Not all define success in the same way. While there might be different personal meanings of success, we can actually measure our own success based on how it makes us feel about ourselves. Simply making so much money, becoming a big shot or attaining a positive result is not personal success.

Analyze and determine the goals

Before you start to measure or even consider whether you have attained success, try to analyze and determine the goals, needs and also desires. What might signify success for some will not be the result for others, so it’s easily understood why the success concept is so hard to achieve or also define. You can consider yourself successful, if your actions have given you a sense of well being, pleasure and also adds personal belief, satisfaction, self – liking and confidence.

Success is not completely about one’s result, either. If you are satisfied with your journey and how do you get there? Do you love what you have done, as well as associated results? Do you love what you are doing and you are pleased and satisfied with the course life has offered out for you, or more essentially, the course you have set out for yourself? How do you truly feel about yourself and what you do?

In reality, regardless of what changes itself as success to you, personal success is a kind of inner heroism. Who is your hero and what them a hero? If you don’t include yourself in that list, then chances are that you don’t really think yourself as being a success. So believe in you. Whatever success means to you, when you have received it, the way you will know is by how it makes you feel.

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