Inner peace can be achieved

There are three myths about inner peace;

You cant achieve it if you are born with, inner peace is only for mountaintop gurus and inner peace comes in the end of life. To achieve inner peace you must be very clear with the word and the meaning priority. If you see two options to be in conflict, the one you choose is the one to which you have offered priority. Making peace a first choice means choosing peace when the targets come in conflict with others.

Now you know why some people can achieve inner peace; its because so few choose it. Making it a first choice putting the aims ahead of other goals competing for the approval, like as making a comfortable living, advancing your career, securing the retirement, seeing your kids getting all they want, owning a large house, etc. you might have all and still enjoy the peace, but to achieve it you must have your goals in front.

Removing the obstacles is the next step to achieve inner peace.  What prevents you from enjoying that? This needs jotting down and making out your personal list of hurdles. Obstacles like as lack of time to allow your mind to peace and reflect on the thoughts, a complete absence of solitude in your life, a stressful clamor of deadlines like the to do lists, work commitments, obligations, family commitments that you might not be able to accomplish, a view of life as a series of responsibilities.