May 24, 2018

What is Karma? According to the Hindu and Buddhism culture Karma is the sum of a person's actions in
this and previous states of existence, seen as deciding their fate in the future. However, there has been
many a debate about if karma really exists or not. Without doubt, Karma does exist. It is just that the
perspectives are seen differently. You must have heard the quote “what goes around comes around”
and “what you sow, you reap”. These are all not quotes taken from the dialects of these religion,
however said out of experience.
You might experience Karma just the way you delivered your actions or words, but it will definitely
bounce back to the exact same frequency as it was given out. There is even scientific evidence to this in
terms of the energies and vibes given out by a person that comes back to them. Thus, when an
unfortunate event happens to us, think before blaming anyone else. Stop and reflect on your own
actions and words. Did you bring this upon yourself? If yes, forgive yourself and move on. And if no, still
move on, revenge is not your job, Karma is waiting to knock on the door of the other.

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