Dealing with stress

Jan 30, 2017
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Stress is a psychological pain and is often considered as a minor issue in mental health. Stress is acceptable in small amounts as it might be the motivating factor push and work harder. However, it is when this psychological pain gets out of hand, that it starts to have negative effects on our health, body and mind. Some examples that lead to this unhealthy kind of stress are: relationship problems, financial setbacks, health problems and social difficulties. Here are some quick and easy ways to overcome stress and put it to good use:

1.Avoid certain drinks and foods

Drinks that contain caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are stimulants that will definitely not reduce your stress, instead increase it further. These drinks can be and should be replaced with herbal teas, water or fresh juice. Staying hydrated is an important factor in affecting your moods.

When it comes to food, avoid refined sugars. Most processed, manufactured and packed food are refined and cause a crash in energy levels causing you to be irritable and feel low. Try having a wholesome nutritious meal instead.

2. Get more sleep
Lack of sleep is a significant cause that leads to stress. However, it is a cycle where stress is also a cause for disrupting our sleep. You could take a long shower or read a slow paced book and relax yourself out before heading to bed. It is best to avoid medication to catch some sleep.

3. Keep a journal!

Writing down your feelings is a great way to figure out the root cause of why you are having these troubles. It could be the company you were with or a particular activity that you didn’t enjoy doing much. By writing down your feelings, you will be able to discover a pattern and thus take actions towards the root cause of what is stressing you out.

4. Learn to say No!

A lot of stress is caused due to the fact of taking up work or favours that you technically do not have time and energy for. This usually happens to people who do not know how to decline a favour asked for. You can always reject an offer politely and save time for yourself. This not only reduces your stress, but also boosts your self-confidence to a large extent.

5. Talk to someone
Many a times, stress is induced due to bottling up your feelings. Just letting how you feel out to someone you can trust might be all the help you need. It can make you feel lighter and you may also get some great advice on how to deal with your problem. Sometimes, it may not be a real problem at all. Seeing things from a different perspective is already a step forward in dealing with your stress.
Hope these simple tricks help you manage and deal with your stress a better way. After all, stress is a common visitor to everyone now and then and is definitely not something you cannot cure.

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