Meditation – Side effect free cure for depression

You might hear a lot about meditation and depression on my posts. Meditation, if practiced correctly, can really help you to lessen the severity of the depression, or also eliminate it all together. I can strongly say that meditation has helped me cope with depression in the past. While meditation is usually linked with spirituality and has its deep roots in metaphysics, you don’t have to be a spiritual person or just join any specific spiritual belief to benefit from the effects of meditation.

Meditation can help with insomnia, increase the ability to concentrate and focus, elevate the mood and well being, raise consciousness and reduce stress. To be honest, there is no specific meditation system for one person. Some people do really well using the help of binaural beat technology, while other make use of the free versions. The points is that, you must do what works for you the best.

A good place to begin is to find a peaceful and cool environment where you will be free from any disturbance for at least 30 minutes. If you suffer from anxiety due to depression and are not able to be in one place for 15 minutes, then begin with five minutes. Then try to add a couple of minutes daily or weekly until you think that you can meditate for thirty minutes at a time without any resistance pushing back.

Start with the breathing exercises and try to be a relaxed state both mentally and physically before you move on.