May 23, 2018

Meditation is an old age approach, practiced from years ago in order to calm, stabilize and focus your mind. It is a practice through which an individual focuses entirely on one particular object or thought to stay at peace. Although much spoken about, meditation is not very easy to practice. It takes time, effort and consistency to get a hand over this mind controlling exercise. Here are a few steps for beginners on how to start meditating:

1. Start small

Meditation is a process of stillness and may not be the easiest to conquer in our ever-so-happening brain. Most data studies reveal that beginners start practicing meditation for as less as 3-4 minutes. Although this sounds like a fairly less time, it may seem like really long when you first start out to meditate. The simplest way to start is to concentrate on each of your breath and keep going until you lose focus. It is important to keep bringing your mind back into focussing on your breath.

2 .Understand why you need meditation

Meditation can do wonders to your mind and soul. Although recommended to one and all, people facing mental health issues are the ones who mainly need to practice meditation. Be it stress, anxiety, irritability or something more subtle, like over thinking, Meditation can help you calm down from situations and get relief from these issues in the long run. It reduces your common tendency towards physiological over-arousal and calms and relaxes your nervous system. By focussing your attention on one particular subject, such as breaths or sounds, and bringing it back to attention when you lose focus is a method of strengthening your brain power. It also prevents larger commotions that you may face by blurting out your thoughts or feelings based purely on an irritable state of mind.

3. Find your own space and pace

Each person has their own way of meditation. ; LNJLKLKKKL/ it sitting down straight, lying down on the floor, an outdoor space or indoors, each person has their own comfortable space and you need to find yours! Finding a place where you face no distractions and external influences is key to meditation.

4. You can use a mantra!
A mantra could be a sound, word or phrase that needs to be repeated in order to bring concentration and focus to your meditation practice. Apart from being a point off focus during meditation, they could also have spiritual and vibration benefits. While some prefer chanting them within their minds, others prefer to chant them out loud. The most common mantra chanted all over the world is “Om”!

5. Consistent practice

Be it any kind of practice like eating healthy, working out, etc consistency is key. So is the same for meditation. More than the time meditated per practice, consistency and frequency of meditation practice is more important. Meditating for 5 minutes every day will show greater effects than meditating for 2 hours at a stretch once a week.

Hope these quick tips and tricks help you get into a good form of meditation ☺

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