Motivation – What it is actually?

Aug 14, 2019

Motivation is one of the hottest topics for quite a long time  as most folks can remember. Some call it as a desire or drive. Others explain it as motivation as they work they do. For me, this is neither, in fact, the energy that is below the drive, work and desire. Its this energy that influences one’s motivation quality, one’s’ motive and the quality of action result from motivation. Also, this energy is called as motivation which results from one’s life who lives on purpose and the degree to which it gets aligned with one’s true and real self, one’s heart.

I consider motivation as an energy, a psychic, a physical, spiritual and emotional energy. This can be explained in one of the sequences as juicy, adventurous, energetic, positive, playful, healing, exciting, etc., and on the hand as stale, blocked, killing, negative, etc.

Motivation is body – mind dynamic, mostly body oriented. According to me, few might say that “im motivated.” Rather, I hear frequently ” I feel motivated” or the reverse, “I don’t or never feel motivated.”  For me everyone is motivated also just not in the way another might like that one to be, o also in a way we suggest choosing our self to be.

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