Myths on Motivation

I have been getting messages to write on Myths on Motivation. So decided to make a post for my readers.

Motivation is something that you have or you haven’t

Motivation levels differ from people to people. Some people seem to be super motivated most of the time. But before you even think you might be the one with low motivation. Usually we are motivated by things that are important for us, by the things we consider, that are purposeful and meaningful to us. Those people who are super motivated usually have a very interesting reason to be motivated; the more interesting reason the higher the motivation. For many people it’s a matter of finding out what it’s that compels them and motivation will follow.

You must be positive to be motivated

While perhaps not clear on the surface, you may be allured to learn that fear is usually a motivator. Most people might have heard of the carrot or stick principle, go towards the carrot and not to follow the stick. Some are motivated by the gain and reward, while others might be super motivated by fear, loss, pain and discomfort. Both pain and gain are both strong motivating factors. In various cases, it’s not or the other but a mix of both.

You must be motivated first before starting anything

This is why so many people never want to achieve their targets! It’s like a bust that’s waiting for the bus. It is not coming and it will never. Don’t wait! You have to get up, begin moving and get going.