Practicing self forgiveness

Jul 6, 2019

If you are grappling with an incapacity to forgive yourself for something you have done a wrong, you feel you have committed to yourself or someone else, then you must know that there is not a more disempowered place to be than that. There are no more emotions that self – worthlessness and guilt. If you are carrying these emotions around with you – even if you run on automatic pilot so that you don’t have to be aware of them – then you are extending internal resistance which might not keep you from attaining your goals and desires. It’s time to search out, letting go of that resistance so you can move ahead in your life.

Forgiving acceptance

The real self forgiveness is acceptance, acceptance that you might not be able to change the past from where you are now; acceptance that you can face up to the result of your actions; acceptance that you are responsible for your part to play in what happened and the sufferer is responsible for his past; acceptance that the other person allured you into their experience as much as you attracted them into yours.

We have done all things that we are not proud of, I’m certainly no exception. It’s quite hard to let go of the illusion of victimhood especially if you think that you have victimized someone in some way. You might not what that person’s experience will be if you hadn’t acted in the manner you did. Its easy to think that their life might be perfect had you not done what you did. But you don’t know this is to be true as a certainty. Their life will be better for sure, you may think had you don’t whatever injustice you committed.

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