1. How can you improve, stay happy and motivated while living in an isolated place?

It is all in the mind. if you create a strong, calm, non-creative mind and a mind without expectations then you can even live amongst the worst people or in an isolated place. Read books, practice meditation twice a day, enjoy the surroundings irrespective of anything and enjoy the nature around you. Nowadays you can do even normal office work from home itself with the use of technology. Accept the surrounding and situations as it is. Acceptance gives the much needed relief. Spend some time on visualising and write down whatever you want to achieve and do it as if you have achieved it. This will keep you motivated and help create opportunities and sources to make you go towards the achievements.

2. Why do I feel bored even after having everything which upsets me?

Man is greedy. Even after reaching the highest levels and enjoying life, they will think of acquiring more which is not there. So god brings them down to a lower level and makes them realise the higher level they have achieved. So be mute, when you have achieved your goals, don’t enjoy and get excited about it. This way you can avoid being upset when you back to lower level in life. Instead, You will be calm and mute there. Develop a calm mind which should be found in service without expectations, not reacting to unnecessary things and accepting things. Achieving this state of mind is possible using the practise of meditation twice a day. Now with this mind you won’t feel bored in any state.

3. What do I do with my life when I am full of opportunities?

Be happy that you are having so many opportunities in life. You are blessed. Be thankful to God. Meanwhile, prioritise your opportunities. Whatever is worth your time and effort, go for it. Among the busy schedule allot some time for your personal self too. Allot some time to help other people. Ultimately, everyone wants mind satisfaction. Money and fame can get you some satisfaction, But ultimately you will realise helping people is the real mind satisfaction. So go ahead and choose wisely.

4. What can I do to change my life?

Life is not about earning money, popularity and power. It’s overall about the mind satisfaction. You can achieve mind satisfaction through service to mankind. Develop a mind which should be calm, without expectations and accepting everything with calmness. If you develop your mind like this then it’s like you have fulfilled your life. To achieve this mind you have to learn meditation and practise twice a day.

5. How a person can stay happy Instead that person is going through lot of problems?

Face the problems whenever it’s required or at the time when it comes. Till then don’t think about it. In between if it comes leave your mind blank on that. Don’t develop it further. It will fade away by itself. So focus on the present or whatever you do and this attitude will help you stay focused and calm. Calmness is nothing but happiness.

6. How do I unlock more of my brain?

The brain will be unlocked or at its best when it’s calm and cool. You would have noticed the brain will be very calm and active in the early morning after a good night’s sleep. This is because it has had its rest. After a good rest and sleep it will be calm, cool and most importantly creative. So give rest to the mind by doing meditation. It gives the much needed rest for the brain and after meditation it will be very creative and will also be able to give good solutions to your long standing issues. It can give lot of ideas for various proposals and issues. Do regular meditation and you will be able to get more out of your brain and become more knowledgeable also.

7. I’m 25, a girl, jobless and depressed. My aim is to clear the SCC CGL this year. I have attempted the exam twice before. I’m so depressed and I’m losing hope. What should I do?

Try to give your best once again. Spend some time every day on visualising and writing down as if you have passed the SSC CGL. You have to visualise very positive thoughts and not negative about it. This will create the source and the opportunities to go towards achieving the target. Plan out well and find out the success mantra, various techniques from the known and unknown sources and adopt it. Everyday plan to finish some portion and see that you have completed it. Put in your efforts but be without expectations. Expectations gives the stress and pressure. After all your genuine efforts it will give the results and if still you are not able to achieve then you need to accept it. It’s all destined sometimes. Acceptance takes off your stress and gives the much needed relief.

8. What can I do when I want to choose either my dream or my parents? Because if I choose my dream, they told me that they will not support me in doing what I want to.

It’s not right on their part to force. But any how it’s not practically ok to oppose parents and live. So find out what’s their options and see whether it has good prospects. Or start liking it and study. Involve fully in that and after your studies get into employment immediately. Be on your own then start pursuing your dreams. Studying or working towards our passion or dreams can be started at any time I mean even at a later stage in life. Be practical and go ahead with this plan.

9. What makes you feel on the top?

For example, When you win a match , when you pass the IAS exam, when you get a big business order, when you buy a big house, when you buy a car, when your proposal to a girl/boy gets accepted etc; all these leads to you feeling like being on top of this world. But all these will be short lived, when you don’t have a calm, contented and strong mind, because there will be others always overtaking or overpowering your achievements. So it’s all in your mind. So, develop a mind which should be calm, doing service without expecting, should not react to unnecessary things, should accept even the negatives with a calm smile. If you have this kind of mind then you will be on top of this world always.

10. What do you do when you are bored?

Be focused on the present. Our human mind is greedy. If they get things easily it starts to get boring for them. When you do things monotonously then it’s boring. Change the style of the things what you are doing, then it will be interesting. Leave your mind blank whenever you feel it’s boring. At one point of time it will fade away from your mind. Enjoy, involve with the present in small things. Start helping or doing service to people then life will be very interesting.

11. Why do we get jealous? Is it good? How do we stop being jealous?

Because of insecurity or scared of someone giving more importance or love than you, there the jealousy enters over that person. We should treat everyone equally irrespective of their of status, appearance etc. Then we will also be treated like that. Then have a staunch belief that in front of the almighty all are equal. Then even some one praises you over someone, don’t get excited over that. Be cool and calm over that. And have an attitude no body is greater than anyone and believe always it’s between you and god. If you develop all these then you can control jealousy very easily.

12. Can I get rid of negative thoughts through meditation? If so, then how does it work?

100 percent you can avoid negative thoughts. Because, the core advantage of meditation is to focus on the present and blank the thoughts which is unwanted or unnecessary. Usually during meditation other thoughts will come. But the practise is to come to the present ( mantra) and after some experience you will realise you want to be in the present and blank the unnecessary or negative thoughts. But negative thoughts will come but very easily you can blank or will not develop those thoughts further.

13. I am 36 & I never had any positive elderly influence in my life. My parents and other elder relatives had done nothing but screwed up my life. How do I handle this?

Still there is no time lost. Your time zone will come. Be in the present. Past is a closed chapter. That memory of which is haunting and blocking your progress. Best solution is never think or develop the past. Whenever those thoughts come leave your mind blank on that and at some point of time it will fade away. Now start visualising positive things whatever you want to do or achieve and visualise as if you have achieved that. Spend some time on this every day. Meanwhile start practising meditation every day twice. It will keep your mind calm and helps you to leave your mind blank on the negative thoughts and realise the various facts. For free meditation training write to me at rajkumar23969@gmail.com

14. What is the secret to a good and a happy day?

Go to bed early the previous night so that you can have a good sleep. Get up early in the morning, do some physical exercise and meditation. Then start visualising and write down the things what you want to achieve and visualise positively as if it has happened. Then write down the activities what you are planning that day with priorities and see that at least you are attempting to completing it.
Be in the present. Don’t think about the problems you are going to face and face it when that moment comes. Only live for the present moment. If you follow all these then every day will be a happy and calm one.

15. Is it necessary to be a topper to be successful?

You need not have to be. In fact statistics shows that most of the successful people are average in academics. There are successful people in toppers too. But most of them are always under pressure to perform and retain the top slot. They are under stress and pressure to be in the top. With that mind set when it comes to job or business career, it will not work effectively. You need a calm and cool mind to perform. So, these average performers have nothing to lose. So, they will be cool and have the tendency to take risks and fast decisions. That’s why there is a good chance in average performers becoming successful.

16. If “money can’t buy happiness”, then why are poor people not happy and why don’t they have anything to take pleasure from? How is that statement justified?

Always human mind is towards what they don’t have or what they don’t get. Since they don’t have money poor people is after it and also by seeing the luxuries what money gets they feel like getting it. It’s all about mind. If you are contented then you can be happy with no money. A person earning Rs.10,000/- can eat 10 idlis, but you cannot expect a person earning 1 crore to eat 100 idlis right? Infact given the health condition he cannot eat even 4 idlis. Imagine a 100 crore worth guy having diabetes he cannot eat sweets. Now his whole life ambition will be to somehow get back to normal and have sweets. His interest is to somehow have sweets rather than earning more 100 crores. This clearly shows the human mind is towards what they don’t have or don’t get.

17. How do you get someone out of your mind?

Most of the people and the situations are temporary in our life. We are only creating the attachments and emotions. Forcibly if we are being moved to a new place we will forget the old ones and we get used to the new ones. So if you feel unnecessary to have friendship with someone, start moving away from that person. Out of sight is out of mind. If that person is still coming on your mind, leave your mind blank whenever that thoughts come. Leaving your mind blank whenever that thoughts come will lead to forgetting at some point of time, those unnecessary thoughts will fade away from your mind.

18. Why are we quick to judge someone? Aren’t we all imperfect beings?

Humans, they naturally like others stories and like to gossip around. By finding fault with others and judging, commenting on others they feel like a king. But actually nobody is perfect in this world. Even the so called good people make mistakes. By means of arrogance and self-glory they think it’s not a mistake. So gradually reduce commenting and criticising others because everyone under some situations & circumstances are committing mistakes. Before we criticise we will have to put ourselves into their shoes and find out whether it’s worth.

19. How do I control myself when someone is continuously insulting me in front of my family?

If you develop a strong, calm mind you need not have to react to it. Karma will take care of him. If you are bothered about your self-respect and are lacking a strong mind, call him separately and tell him to stop this. Mostly he should stop it. But you have to develop a non-reacting mind in which you will be calm and not affected by anything. If you skip here and go to a new group then there will be someone else in some other group.

20. Why do we sometimes become sad for no reason?

Mind always has got a tendency even if you don’t have issues it will think like as if we have some problems. Because it will be always filled with plenty of thoughts that will always bring some negativity. So best thing is blank your thoughts or mind when you feel sad in spite of there are no issues. Whenever those thoughts like you feel sad comes, blank it instead of developing or solving it. Over a period of time it will fade away.

21. I am quite emotionless these days. I am not feeling regret, pain, happiness or anything. What should I do?

Only a spiritual guy with calm mind, without expectations and of acceptance nature should get this state of mind you mentioned. Many people won’t get this muted mind-set that easily. If you are okay with it then just leave it. We should have emotions but not to the level of affecting you.

22. How do I control my anger and be more patient?

You don’t have to react. If you react then he comes to know that you are getting hurt. So whenever he wants to hurt you he can do that. Your life will be in his hands then. Just don’t bother. It’s not easy to be calm. But if you develop a calm and non-reacting mind by practising meditation then it’s possible do that. For the wrong things he does, he has to face the karma. Otherwise tell him politely not to do that. Still if he continues to do that then you adopt the non-reacting attitude. To control anger and make your mind calm instantly you can go deep inhaling and exhaling of (Suga Pranayama)for some 5 to 20 minutes.

23. Should it matter what others think of you as everyone talks negative at your back? How can this be avoided?

You are good and others if they talk bad about you, can you change it? Firmly believe your goodness is between you and god and move on. If you react to others comments then they lead your life. When you are happy suddenly they can pass some comments and change your happiness. Your happiness should be in your hands and not others can determine that. So don’t react to others comments or any other thing.

24. How do I overcome extreme separation anxiety? It has been chronic, inherent and I fear it will stay for life.

Anxiety comes in when your mind is disturbed and not calm. The character of anxiety also gives you the much needed relief from anxiety. Make your mind calm by practising meditation regularly. The anxiety level goes down. More over if you develop a calm and strong mind without expectations and of non-reactive nature then you need not have to depend on others. You can live independently, separately and happily with the above mind if you want.
Moreover whenever the separation based anxiety thoughts come, leave your mind blank on that. Consecutively leaving blank whenever it comes will lead to at some point of time it will fade away from your mind.

25. What could I do to keep my spirit alive? I have been feeling sad and lonely (I’m 25). I have been deceived. My parents were not very supportive too. Though I loved my high-paying job, I have left it. I don’t see any other way than dying.

First thing you have to do is to ACCEPT all these. Then immediately the stress level goes down. Most of our life is destined. Only thing you have to accept it and go with the motions. Life is a circle. Your time zone and opportunity must come. Wait patiently for it. Even during these negative times you can lead a calm beautiful life by making your mind calm, strong, without expectations, non-reactive to unnecessary things and accepting everything with a smile. To create this mind you need to practise meditation at least twice a day. Believe that everything is happening for a reason. Firmly believe in almighty and it’s between you and the almighty. Then nothing will disturb you. Live for the present and for the present moment. Don’t think about the past or the future. Live through the motions. Life will be beautiful. Leave your mind blank whenever the negative unnecessary thoughts come.
All the best!

26. Is it normal that I’m going through hell with a lot of emotions on any given day? It’s like one time, I feel like I can win the world or achieve anything I want, the other time, I feel like I have hit the rock bottom and everything seems impossible.

It’s like you think both the sides extreme. Instead of thinking and building castle in the air, why don’t you get down and act. Plan and get in to the act, so that you will be occupied and unnecessary thoughts will not have time to enter. It’s like a scientific theory only, if you are able to think the extreme positive imagination, it will also be able to think the extreme negative imagination. So when these kind of thoughts come, mute your mind and don’t allow it to develop. Meanwhile think, visualise positively and practically for some time and start implementing it. This will lead to the unnecessary thoughts what you get.

27. What do people actually mean when they advise you to not take life so seriously?

Yes life is there to take things casually, enjoy instead of being serious. Be focussed, planned and positive. Start working on your ambitions or works or duties with this attitude. In spite of all these attitude and your hard work if you are facing a negative situation, ACCEPT it. Don’t take it seriously. Any failures or success you learn things from that. If you are able to have the character of acceptance and doing service without expectations then your life will be amazing and you won’t take life seriously.

28. What should we do when the people whom we trust the most and are the only people around us in our life betray us at a point in time?

Expectations always lead to disappointments. Develop your mind to live without expectations. Then you will never have this problem. Do your duties, service but without expectations. Then your life will be amazing.

29. How can I get rid of overthinking? Whenever I decide to do something new, I think too much about it and then I get nervous.

Too much of thinking on a subject will lead to confusion and indecisiveness. So when the mind is calm and creative think about the issue and get a solution. Then implement it immediately. Procrastination will lead to overthinking and you will never get solutions. Because our mind will always have an opposite thought for a solved thought if you do overthinking. Achieve a calm and creative mind by practising meditation regularly.

30. If love is in the air, then why is the world full of hatred and jealousy?

Love is in the air and obviously everywhere. But when it’s connected with expectations and when the people are failing against expectations then misunderstanding enters. Then misunderstanding later on becomes hatred. Solution is love without expectations. Do your duties and service without expectations. This will solve 90 percent of the problems in the universe. Again jealousy is also about ego and insecurity. When you like or love someone you expect him to give the maximum importance to you. When someone else is given that importance, then jealousy on that person enters. Loving without expectations again solves this.

31. Have you ever felt that the face is the reflection of the mind?

Yes, face is the reflection of your mind. When you are happy or depressed it shows. Some people not to feel let down in front of others, they hide it. But it’s difficult. But it’s good to hide when you are in a sad mood. If you hide and practise or act it to be shown in a positive way, sometimes it forgets the sad situation and Change in to a positive one.

32. How do I stop being too sensitive, too emotional, overthink upon a matter and expect less from everything in life?

When your body and mind is calm, it picturises the reality for any issue. The realisation takes place. When the realisation takes place you feel it’s unnecessary to be emotional, sensitive and even you feel like not having expectations. So keeping your mind calm is important. That can be achieved by practising meditation and some breathing based pranayama. For free meditation training write to at rajkumar23969@gmail.com

33. I’m into a depression since many months because of my personal problems. I feel like running away from everyone. Right now I’m in office but I cannot express what I’m feeling right now. How to get out of this feeling?

I don’t know what kind of personal problem you are undergoing. Put your efforts to solve it. Still if it’s prolonging then accept it. Acceptance gives the much needed relief. It’s all destined, so live in the present. Don’t think about those problems always. Face it when it comes. Never treat those as problems. Visualise those are happening for good and learn from it. Live and enjoy the present moment. Sometimes tomorrow’s problems will never come. Blank your mind whenever these problem related or depressed thoughts come and don’t develop that. Do meditation twice a day to get these kind of attitude easily.

34. Why do we get angry?

Expectations cause you the anger. In every activity you have expectations. When it’s not happening then you get angry. Anything in office work, while playing a game, bringing up the child, talking to someone, your mind expect something to happen favourably, but when it’s failing you get anger. Expectations are natural for a human mind. But you should train your mind to do anything without expectations. If you fulfil it then your life will be amazing. Otherwise another solution is once anything fails your expectations then you accept it. It gives the much needed relief and reduce the stress and anger levels

35. What must I do? I talk to almost everyone about my depression and struggles. Now, I’m feeling like I must isolate myself and nobody loves me.

Why do you go share your depression with everyone? Of course it has to be shared with some very close ones or to a professional counsellor. Because most of the people they will be happy that you have problem. Because they have problems so, they will be happy to know that you have a problem and gets satisfied. About your struggles put your efforts to overcome it. Still if it happens then accept it. Acceptance gives you the much needed relief. More over live in the present. Don’t think about the depressed experiences you have. Whenever it comes to your mind, just blank and don’t develop it. If you are taking a bath or eating or talking to someone, focus and enjoy only on that. Other though will come but comeback to your presence. If this is the way you live in the present then you can live very peacefully. Whenever the problem comes face during that time. If you have this mind set then sometimes the problem may never come. Even the problem comes don’t take or look at it as a problem. Take it as a happening and go with it. In fact you should make your mind in such a way that lot of problems should come, face it, challenge it and solve it. Otherwise accept it. Because, you gain excellent knowledge and experience out of it. Meanwhile do meditation twice a day so that your mind will be calm and it’s the best way to go out of depression. For free training on meditation write to me at rajkumar23969@gmail.com

36. What is the best way to motivate yourself to do impossible?

Spend some time on Visualising and writing down whatever you want to achieve. You should visualise and write down as if you have achieved like. This will create the sources, miracles and opportunities for you to go towards achieving that. But you should be 100 percent positive.

37. How do I motivate people around me?

First foundation is always important for a building. For humans, it’s our mind. Make your mind calm by practising meditation. Once the mind is calm and now any negativity or emotions will not affect you.
Now about motivation, surround yourself only with positive minded people. So that you will be tempted or forced to do only positive things. Spend some time on visualising and writing down the things what you want to achieve and visualise as if you have achieved like. This will create the sources and opportunities to achieve your goals. Planning is very important. Write down whatever you want to do in a day and see that you are at least attempting to do it.
Do all this, you will be successful.

38. Why am I always feeling like “not good enough for anyone”?

It’s nothing like that. I think you have faced lot of negative things and that has created a nervousness in you. Start visualising you are capable, smart and people are speaking very positive about you. Spend this visualising every day for some time like 10 to 15 minutes and it will change your life. It will create the sources and opportunities for you to achieve your goals. Surround yourself with positive people. All are equally talented. So don’t worry you will be successful.

39. How can you live happily after destroying me emotionally?

That’s a temporary happiness only for the person who destroy others happiness. They have to face the karma. Though they are happy outside right now they will start feeling the nervousness for having done the guilt. But you at least be positive. Don’t think bad for that person. That creates a karma for you also. So you be positive and calm. Don’t think about the negative happened. Just leave blank on those negative thoughts and don’t develop if it repeatedly comes. It will fade away from your mind. Overall karma will take care of people’s misdeeds.

40. How do we be true to ourselves?

Do believe in karma 100 percent. Then you won’t do anything wrong. Karma is 100 percent true. Meanwhile when your mind is calm and clear you can link the connectivity of karma and when the mind is calm you can figure out what is right and wrong. Accordingly you can be true to yourselves. Calm mind can be achieved by practising meditation and breathing based pranayamas.

41. Why is it important to face failure?

Failure gives you more strength and failures are the stepping stones for success. actually you learn from the failures and make it a perfect stage to launch success without any mistakes. if you gain success without any failures then that will not stand for a long time. but if you achieve success after a lot of failures then it will last for long time. because in case of any crisis comes also they know to tackle due to their good experience.

42. How do I get control on my desires?

Desire should be there, only then life will be interesting. But fix a limit and be contented with that. Fix some desires and achieve that. If it continues more keep your mind mute on those thoughts. Don’t develop that. Start doing social service to people. Seeing the plight of so many people your desires will be controlled. Have unlimited desire in doing social service. That’s good, but see that it’s not affecting your family life. Spend time with family. That’s also important.

43. How do I stop comparing myself to others for good? How do I practice this? What should I do when my mind starts thinking about it?

Comparison is one of the major causes of depression and unhappiness in human life. Comparing is a stupidity and how come you can compare people with different genetic factors, different brought up under different circumstances, different financial status, different health factors, different moods at a given time, different IQ levels for different subjects? Comparing people with similar nature, qualities, character, brought up, physical stature, finance status, taste etc. Is acceptable. It’s impossible to get people of above specified similar nature, then why to compare? Realise this and stop comparing.

44. How do you handle yourself when you are stressed?

Usually the stress related thoughts will come. I will leave blank on those and I will not develop that. Whenever it comes I will leave my mind blank on that. Over a period of time it will fade.

45. Everyone is hurting my feelings. How do I get rid of them?

Best way is not to react to it. But it’s difficult not to react. Because you create a calm and non-reactive mind to solve this. To create a calm and non-reactive mind practise meditation and meditation and breathing based pranayamas every day. For free meditation training and technique write to rajkumar23969@gmail.com

46. What are the determinants of a happy and fulfilling life?

We people take happiness is something joy, getting excited, winning something etc. …it’s not that. Being calm, enjoying the calmness, not getting affected due to anything irrespective of whether it’s good or bad is called the real happiness.
Make the mind calm, unemotional and non-reactive to lead a peaceful life. It’s the best way to lead a life. Practise meditation twice a day to get this mind.
The fulfilled life is not about making money, buying a beautiful house and earning fame, it’s about having a calm, non-reactive and unemotional state of mind in spite of repeated failures. And it’s also about serving people without expectation.

47. Will my life be better and happier if I change myself for the world?

Don’t change for others. Then they will lead your life. If people think that you have some bad characters and you also think that it has to be changed. Then change for them and yourself. Always you have to realise that you need to be changed. Then it’s ok, otherwise for others sake alone don’t change. Because, your life should be in your hands and not with others directions. They cannot direct your life.

48. How can one increase his/her concentration power?

Basically if you have a calm and undiluted mind, your focus and concentration power will be good. To get the concentration / focus you have to practise meditation at least twice a day. It basically improves your focus and keeps away from distractions. It gives a calm and undiluted mind.

49. What are some daily habits that can change my life?

Visualise and writing down positively whatever you want to achieve as if it has happened. Practise every day for some time. Write down your plan for the day and see that you are at least attempting to it. This will give an excellent result. Calm and unemotional mind will give creativity and clarity to do things effectively. By practising meditation and breathing based pranayamas you will get it. All these habits will give a different improved life 100%.

50. What are the top 5 Habits to develop which helps someone become a better version of him/herself?

  1. Be positive always.
  2. Be ethical. Don’t achieve or get anything by any wrong means.
  3. Plan and write down the activities what you want to do and see that 80 percent of it at least attempted.
  4. Involve yourself in some sports activity or do some yoga because health is the second most important thing.
  5. Keep your mind calm, strong, unemotional and non-reactive by practising meditation everyday twice at least.
  6. If you make all these as habits then your life will be amazing.

51. Can your words fix my anxiety?

Nothing but your mind and thoughts can fix your anxiety. You need use your mind to visualise or think positively in order to manifest what you want into reality. Learn to let go off what is not in your control and simply give only your genuine efforts into all that you want or need. If you are anxious about something not happening for you, accept it and believe that the Almighty has something better in store for you.

52. Is it possible that my mind can be completely blank for 2 days or more?

This is absolutely possible by simply not entertaining thoughts of any kind. For example: when we get upset or angry over something, we tend to immediately jump into finding solutions or justifying our feelings. By simply not trying to give much heed to your emotions, you can blank your mind. This is often practiced during meditation. It is as simple as living in the present moment and doing what is required just for that specific moment.

53. Why does a person get angrier when I do not want to fight and keep silent?

What we need to understand is that it is human nature to get irritated when you do not receive response from the other person. While you might look at it as a way to calm down the situation, the other may take it as a trigger that they are right and you have nothing to say and thus amplify their angry more.

54. How should I spend my 20 minutes every day to learn something really valuable?

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. If you look around your daily surroundings, there are several things that you can learn from. While learning can happen by simply observing the good and the bad of every situation, there are several other ways to learn. The most common practice of learning turns out to be reading, which is a great method. However, maximum learning happens through your interactions with people around you as people are the biggest packages of information and knowledge being carried around from their experiences.

55. Why do too many health-conscious people get more health issues?

Thinking too much, obsessing or being over-conscious about things will cause to develop a fear or anxiety towards it. These feelings of fear and anxiety are negative thoughts that manifests into negative realities. Moreover, everything in moderation is what you need for a healthy body, mind and soul. So visualise only the good things in life and allow it to manifest itself into reality.

56. How do I overcome frustration about not having time for things I love to do?

It all boils down to your priorities. With the world moving fast-paced, it is understandable that you need to work in order to survive. Unless, you are struggling for a living itself, there could be no excuse such as having no time for something you love. Firstly, why is it that you are doing a job that you don’t love? For the money? Well, then take out your planner and organize your days better. Jot down things in priority wise and figure out what you enjoy doing and what you don’t. Not everything you do everyday has to be enjoyable, there are things you have got to do for a living. But make sure you allot time for small simple pleasures in life on a daily basis and don’t let anything else take over that time. Once you are organised, you will soon see how you begin to even enjoy things you previously didn’t like doing, because you are looking forward for other things that you do enjoy as well.

57. Is it possible to be happy compromising?

Compromising can unfold in so many different ways. If you are talking about sacrificing for someone else, it is most of the times for someone you love. Thus, you find happiness in giving happiness to the other person. However, there is a limit to everything. Compromising on every small thing for someone else might rip off the happiness within you. And the very fact that you can keep your loved ones happy only if you are happy yourself, stands true over here. Thus they say, “You can’t pour from an empty tea pot”! Understand the boundaries of sacrificing and do what you can to keep others happy, without letting it steal your joy.

58. How do I handle people who take advantage of my kindness and then come back again only when they need me?

While giving, don’t expect. Expectations ruin a lot of things in all kinds of relationships. You need to remember that being kind and helping others will only add to your karma and talks about the person you are. How others react or treat you is theirs. While being kind doesn’t have to go with any expectations in return, when it comes to doing someone a favour, make sure it doesn’t hinder with any of your activities or priorities. Unless, you can actually afford the time and effort to help them out, do not commit to it because then it only feels more like a burden to you than you trying to help someone.

59. My biggest problem is that I get offended easily. I mean even the single minute thing ruins my whole day. How do I overcome this problem?

The key to helping yourself with this problem is to understand that others actions and words have nothing to do with you, but everything to do with their own state of mind. All you need to practice in the beginning is to not react! Be reacting, you are being vulnerable to the other person and displaying that what they do affects you. This gives them an upper-hand, triggering them to accelerate the action more. Getting offended easily only means that you are able to feel so deeply for yourself. It is not a negative thing. You just need to focus on practicing self control and not take others state of mind to your heart. This can be done through meditation practices and being conscious about the way you react to others.

60. In the race of making others happy, I have lost myself, I have forgotten who I used to be. How can I find myself?

Firstly, remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup. You need to be fulfilled and happy in life to pass on that energy and joy to others around you. However, what you haven’t realised is that you haven’t lost yourself, but in fact have found yourself. Recognize that your nature is to help others and keep them happy which in turn will keep you happy. Do not have expectations and this will avoid them from taking away the happiness from you. Believe in Almighty and karma and continue helping others around you. What goes around, comes around. You will experience this sooner or later!

61. What are disadvantages of being meticulous?

There are certain situations where you have to be meticulous. For instance, if you work as a software designer or doing some kind of research work, etc., then you have to flawless to the core or else will not be successful.  But in general, no one can be perfect. If you are that, then you expect the same from others as well. It creates a pressure for all and others and results in so much of the stress. So you will have to put your efforts genuinely to make things perfect. If not just accept what is  happening.

62. How to stop the feeling of getting hurt frequently?

Getting hurt frequently means you are very emotional and live ion others actions. If you be the same, then this can make you both happy and unhappy as well. Don’t allow others to lead your life, be non reactive and control your emotions. These can help you to not get hurt. You can also try doing some meditation and breathing exercises to overcome such feeling and you will eventually learn to be non reactive.

63. Does personal ignorance make you unhappy?

This totally depends on the person. If you are a selfless nature, then you will never have to think about it. But usually effective leaders or who want to be perfect, they take self – searching at regular breaks to satisfy themselves and to lead a useful and smart effective way of life. So this sort of people are not quite happy about personal ignorance.

64. I Don’t have feelings is that bad?

You will be perfectly spiritual when you are emotionless, be all have expectations and worries since we are linked, emotionless makes you uncomitted. You should also have a nice heart if you are emotionless to help people when there is a need. Or else being emotionless becomes useless. There are nice people who have a huge space in their heart. But with emotions they might not be able to grow or they go down badly.

65. Does hard work really show you great results?

Plan with priorities, hard work and smart work, these three can give you excellent results. Also try to meditate at least twice a day which will also help you to calm your mind. With this mind, mixed with creativity and clarity can do wonders. These three will give you hundred percent success.

66. How to maintain happiness?

Once you have developed happiness you must not get excited and celebrate it. You must be calm ad observe it. Happiness is nothing but calmness. Now this can be maintained even when there is a negative situation. So instead of getting excited its better if you observe the calmness and happiness, then it can be maintained.

67. How to stay stress free and happy 24*7?

You can actually lead a mind for that. You will have to mute all your unwanted negative thoughts when it appears. Maintaining a bland mind when the negative comes, it might lead you to some point of time where there unwanted thoughts will wash away from your mind. Keeping your mind blank can happen when you meditate regularly.

68. How to overcome the fear of thinking that something might happen if we are happy?

Instead of being super happy, just be calm, calmness is also a part happiness. Human life is bound to face sorrows. If your mind is cheerful and happy then you must understand that this is the theory of equality, so you are being super happy or excited over some time, feel the calmness and be calm. Obviously the thoughts of sorrows and bad things might not come. So the theory is that if you are really excited, you should must be ready to face the negative effect situation also.

69. How to control over thoughts?

Sometimes you can and most of the times you might not be able to control the thoughts. Unless you have a relaxed and calm mind. It’s very hard to control human minds are crafted to go the way very unpredictable towards the sensual pleasures through all kinds of senses.  To have to control on these you have to have the sense of realization and that can be possible only when your mind is calm and targeted.

70. Believing in gods… why do we do that?

Its proven that a positive vibe will be created when we have belief and trust in something. This positive vibrations can make source and help us attain whatever we plan. Also, people visit temples because there is a positive vibration in it. As people come there with positive wishes and calmness so the theory is that when you have trust on something irrespective of reality, it happens.

71. Keeping the negativity away and motivating yourself

Just battling on those when it comes, you might feel like developing or solving those thoughts, but you might not do that. Just defeating it when it comes will lead you to a point of time where the unwanted thoughts will wash away from the mind.

72. What are the cons of Anger?

When you are in anger, people might be away from you, even it its right on your side. As people love only faces that are beaming faces and also when you are in anger, there is a great chance of using hurting and unethical words as an intention to revenge and also there are chances of people getting conveyed in a politer matter. But when you the pass the information when in anger, you might not be able to convince even when it’s true. Because by nature the minds might have an ego when its explained in a dominated angry manner.

73. How to deal with Shyness?

People are more concerned about how they look and it depends on others to know how they look, are liable to shyness. They are so much worried about how they appreciate their looks. If they say good then that’s fine. If they say they are bad they might be so worried. Most of our life depends on other comments. Others might be easily directed their life by saying some kind of nonsense.

74. Do you like hectic and peaceful life?

If the busy life is great for someone then you must follow it. While having a busy life you can be tranquil also. This life is about having an excellent satisfied mind. That is possible even when we are busy. It’s all about the mind. If you are so muted, calm, non – reactive mind, then you can be peaceful while leading a busy life.

75. How to relax yourself from mental stress?

Breathing and meditation based yoga techniques are an excellent ways to have your body and mind relaxed immediately. Especially after doing the yoga poses, you will feel so refreshed and relaxed. You can also hear to melodious music and visit places that have beautiful landscapes.

76. Does depression and overthinking are related?

Yes, consider a situation for instance happening with ninety percent positive and ten percent negative, you might take only the positive and think again, here overthinking about this one leads to going through each and every thing that happens. So when it goes though the ten percent negative part, most of the time will really be hard, sometime this ten percent negative might also overtake the ninety percent positive which gets you depressed. So overthinking can lead to depression.

77. Can comparison reduce happiness?

You might be really happy when you are being compared to a better person you are elated, but you will be under pressure to retain that status. You might become anxious when you being compared, inspite they are better and you might become unhappy when you are being compared lesser that someone. So in any case you are unhappy when compared.

78. Can a person’s mentality cure itself?

To be honest, yes! Make your mind peaceful and try to do some meditation that you can. Once you make your mind peaceful and realized, then your mind becomes less emotional, expects no expectations and does not react to things that are unwanted.

79. Can I avoid negative thoughts after failure?

Keep your mind an empty space for those thoughts. You might feel think solving and developing it. Just don’t do things that do all. Also leaving blank on those thoughts when it comes, will take you to a point of time where these unwanted thoughts will wash away from the mind.

80. What to do when you feel empty inside?

Lets consider this into two sections, one is good when we have  loads of problems.  When there are so many issues and still feeling empty in the mind and still targeted in whatever you perform which is good. The other one is you might have so much of work and responsibilities to be done. But you might still feel the emptiness in the mind which is not good. The solution is to find the responsibility of the work when you have. This way you can blank the thoughts of empty feeling.

81. Can I follow meditation to deal with negative thoughts?

One of the best ways, the base of mediation is to target on mantra and get away from unwanted thoughts. This way you can keep your mind blank at a specific time. You can follow mediation to get rid of negative thoughts when its needed.

82. Tips for making life stress free

Remember to live for the moment, don’t consider the past. If you have issues to face in the future, think how to deal it. Jot down what has to be done. Just spend some time but with real efforts. Spend some time on positive visualizing and don’t consider the outcome. Target on all the moment.

83. Why am I losing respect for someone immediately?

If you consider the positives of a person and identify with whatever the negative has to be done, then the person immediately gets respect. If you think only about a person’s negative and don’t identify with it, then the person immediately loses respect.

84. Reasons for being emotionless

You will be emotionless swiftly if you are attracted to people. If you are not attracted then you will be with no emotions. There are people who live for themselves can be  less emotional. The people who follow spirituality can also be with no emotions. Be ethical, do your duties and be emotionless by practicing breathing exercises and meditate regularly.

85. How to express my worthiness?

You need not express it. If your own consciences quench its thirst, then that’s totally fine. As you have done something very worthy and also you want others to appreciate. Which leads you to have expectations.  When it fails to appreciate them you might get angry with the person. So don’t take it hard and do worthy things without any expectation.

86. Why people don’t enjoy their own company?

Humans are naturally emotionless and they will have to connect with people. Even if a person is so reserved or introvent will be allured to someone. They might not move with people but still they have some close friends. Person who does meditation can have control over their mind and they can stay without people around. You will be attracted to nature. So to a specific limit they enjoy their own company.

87. Why is life so hard for some people?

Believe in Karma. Struggles happen in all relations with the previous birth karma.  That’s the reason why some excellent souls struggle but remember to be calm and cool. Your debts will be cleared soon.

88. Does hard work have results?

Try to plan the priorities and also work smart and hard to get excellent results. Also try to do meditation to keep your mind peaceful and stress free.

89. Can my mind read by a psychologist?

Yes, they know lots of techniques to read a person’s mind. They must be calm and relaxed to do this. Also, if you are also a person who is calm and relaxed, you can also read a person’s mind easily.

90. How to keep myself contented in the noons?

Your mind needs rest for sure. Once this is achieved, your mind will be calm and active. Meditation will give you the rest needed. Do meditation a couple of hours after the lunch for just 15 minutes. Your mind will be super active after that.

91. Is it essential to have someone when you succeed or fail?

You might have seen people approaching you, when you are successful. Which is a positive aspect? So if you are emotional and weak minded it’s better to have people near you when you face failure. But when you are mute to success, be calm and cool when facing failure. You will never expect people to be around you.

92. How to control our anger?

Remember about good things that a person or a thing has done to you. It takes only the positive vibe. Highlight with people or situation about what had put them to do this. In any situation, it can happen. The mindset will lessen the anger for sure.

93. The motivation to be successful or failure

Success will be only motivated, where there is no negative intention as you just want to lead a successful way. To avoid failure, you must consider the negativity and the ways to omit it.

94. I envy fancy life of others? What should I do?

If that is the case, then remember you are seeing only their positive sides. Most of us don’t see the negative side of people like when they have sorrow or in a depressed state. Try to be happy with what you have.

95. Feelings and thoughts – Can we have thoughts without feelings?

You might have planned for something when thinking to do something. When it comes out to be successful you might have cherished it a lot and when it becomes failure you become depressed. I have also spoken about this on my Quora posts.

96. Getting out of depression when there is nothing negative in my life

Always stay on the present state and focus on that. Mute your thoughts when your thoughts are about past, future and negative. If you feel like developing and solving it never do it. Try to do a couple of breathing exercise to calm down your mind.

97. Happiness is a comparative term?

It’s not a comparative term; it totally varies with people as everyone’s nature is not the same. Since people’s contentment levels and metabolism are not the same. So does the happiness, it cannot be compared.

98. The difference between sadness and solitude

There are people who love to be alone or in a state of solitude, they are so strong mentally. There are people who feel bored in the state of solitude and alone and get into sadness. Solitude can be both.

99. The benefit of positive thinking

You can reach heights spending time on visualizing positively. Whatever you want to attain just imagine as if it has happened before and it must be a hundred percent. It must be real like it’s happening for real.

100. Depression and overthinking are related?

Yes, they are if a situation is 90 percent positive and ten percent negative. You might take it as positive and might think again about it.  And overthinking means, scanning through the ten percent negative parts. So if overthinking happens, you feel depressed.

101. Can my mentality cure myself?

Yes for sure, try to calm your mind and start following meditation religiously. Once you can control your mind, then it will become less emotional, without non – reactive and expectations to unwanted things.

102. How to stop negative thought after failure?

Try to mute mind and thoughts, you might feel like developing or solving it. Just don’t do all that leave blank on those thoughts when it comes constantly which will lead to a point of time where these unwanted thoughts might fade away your mind.

103. What is emotionless feeling?

If you are attached to people, then you might be emotionless. If you are not, then you are a person without emotions. People who live themselves can be less emotional while on the other hand people who are spiritual are the ones with fewer emotions.

104. How to express myself worthy?

You don’t have to show it actually. If you are satisfied then that fine. As you have done something that is really worthy and you seek attention of others, this might lead to expectations. Do worthy things and don’t expect returns.

105. I don’t have feelings, is it bad?

No, it actually leads a way to spirituality, as we have sorrows and expectations associated, emotionless makes it unassociated. But remember to have a nice hear if you are emotionless if there is any situation arises.

106. I forgot the things which I have to do in a little time. What is the reason behind this? How can I overcome this problem?

Sometimes it’s due to anxiety… it will develop a fear in you that “i will forget it “ “ I will forget it” .… the more you think about the anxiety of “ I will forget “ I will forget” can make it happen really…when this kind of anxious thoughts come, just blank those don’t develop it…

So when you want to remember something , tell your brain to remember that… your brain can work even like an alarm once its practised… consciously tell your brain to remember a particular information at a particular time … definitely it will happen… make your brain to inform you some particular information at a particular time every day , it will make it happen absolutely… only thing you should have a mind focused to be in the present then you can ask why it’s not being used often … Whenever it reminds us at a particular time , we dont implement it due to laziness or the activity becomes lesser importance … then it takes that into mind and makes it regular… this is the way we lose way in achieving goals…

Another way to overcome this problem is to write down immediately whatever comes to your mind … it’s a master sheet… put priority 1 , 2, 3 like … then accordingly every day select from that and implement it… every day if you do this , then it becomes a habit .. you will never have a chance of forgetting things.

106. Why does my mind think unnecessary things? And how to get over?

Our minds are designed to go into unwanted thoughts by default. You don’t have to take an effort to get these unwanted thoughts. But remember to take an effort to make positive thoughts. Mind is egoistic and proud by nature. When we think about us, it takes both accusation and appreciation.

107. How to be peaceful?

Try to control your emotions and be without expectations, be non – reactive and accept things as If it is happening for a good cause, then you will be the most stress-free person. Also remember not to take things just like that.  You can also try breathing exercise like as pranayama which can calm your body and mind. Once it becomes calm then you can get into realization.

108. How to train your mind to stay unaffected from negative stimulus?

If you wish to control emotions, be without expectation, don’t react and to accept things as if it happening for good, then you can be unaffected also don’t be just like that try meditation to calm down your mind and body.

109. Can I expect miracles? Are they true?

Expectation miracles makes you depressed and lazy. Be ambitious, plan and do it consistent, disciplined. Success will be near you. Miracle will also happen. If you don’t work perfectly this can never happen at an expected time. It just makes you depressed and lose cream of your life.

110. How to differentiate emotional and rational mind?

Emotional mind usually goes into the facts but when it weighs more than the facts, then it might go with emotions. Usually it might land in trouble. Rational mind goes into facts and win the situations and it depends on the person, situation of emotions. For instance, if you want to sign a big deal but you face a kind of hurdle in the middle, here you have to make use of the rational mind.  The karma will act here and will reward you.

111. What causes conflict in your mind?

The two things that causes conflict in your mind is negativity and negative thoughts, this happens in the mind by default. When its depressed and weak these thoughts can get in. When your mind is confused and calm these thoughts will enter easily challenging the positive outlook.112Can I be free from psychological fear?

Always visualize like you are playing well against them in any circumstances. Then take it slowly as if you have taken the first step. When you have psychological fear try to free your mind with no thoughts. This will lead to a point of time where all these thoughts will go away from your mind.

112. Can emotions bring out the best in me?

Love, humbleness and selflessness brings out the best in you. You might follow such character if they inspire you. As this is an excellent attitude and mindset you must have. When you are surrounded with such people, then you will also be forced to be the same.

113. I consider things near me are not proper. How to find peace in such circumstances?

First you must make yourself proper then things will be perfect. If we find something or someone is disturbing you, then at any time they can do all kinds of stuff to disturb us. So, the control must be in your hand. So be non – reactive to specific unwanted things.  If someone is passing on some comments unwantedly, try to be non – reactive. If you are reacting to it then they can make you react.  Accept it if its true and find a way to overcome it.

114. Suggest advice on mental peace

I always suggest people to be calm and meditate. Be it present. Blank the unwanted thoughts whenever it comes. Meditation can help you to be calm and relaxed. It also gives you mental peace. Follow meditation regularly for at least 30 minutes a day and you will feel the difference.

115. Do you really think you control your own thoughts and feelings? If yes, how do you know that anything you think is actually your own thought?

Whether it is good or bad and whether it is distracted or not distracted, thoughts come due to your perception and your control on it…

Thoughts can be bad when you have negative mindset… it can be good when you have positive mindset … it can be distracted when you lose focus and not in the present…it can be anger based when you are reactive… it can be an irritated one when you are confused… it can be an empathizing and non reactive one when your mind is calm … it can be even a suicidal one when your mind is very depressed…

So it’s all your own thoughts and depends on how you keep your mind.. An open platform for spiritual and self-realization discussions..its all about mind..

116. Why do you care about society if society doesn’t care about you?

It’s all mutual… if you start caring about the society then it will start caring about you… need not have to be emotional… come out of emotions and be practical… first understand the fact that you have to be mutual , vocal and a sensible person to be noticed by the society… even parents love towards their children can remain, if you are mutual to a little bit extent atleast… they can compromise for you to a greater extent…. Still if you are troubling them in a big way, they may also try to keep a distance … they will prefer the children who are mutual and not troublesome … so you have to be vocal , should be noticed to make society bother about you…

Even if you are being cheated or not being selected on meritorial grounds , do not blame the society… accept and move on… there are various opportunities awaiting for you on merit somewhere… if your efforts are good , genuine then somewhere surprisingly you will get the reward… accept and move on…. Do your duties to the society without expectations and definitely you will be rewarded at some point of time …

117. I just ran over a rat while driving and I can’t stop thinking. What should I do to remove this from my mind?

Obviously it was accidental and without intentions… you don’t have to feel guilty as it is that rat’s fate to die ….

To remove these thoughts you have to blank these thoughts whenever it comes to your mind… you feel like developing or justifying it… simply dont do that…consecutively blanking it whenever it comes will lead to a point of time , where these thoughts will fade away it’s all about mind… meditation helps you to blank the unnecessary thoughts easily.

118. Why mind is having double standards?

You can advise someone being good and follow good … most of the people act bad due to their situations and circumstances… but you are good as long as you dont meet the situation… if you meet the situation and still if you are found to be good , then you can pitch in for an advice…. So as long as they meet the situation they certify themselves as good and advise others…

Another reason in having double standards is the justification.. any human’s greatest love is themselves… they love themselves the most..

if others do anything, they find fault in that… but if that similar situation comes to them and if they are unable to overcome it due to certain sensory things , then they go to a big extent to justify it… they will go to any extent to justify what they did is right to satisfy ego and not to have guilt .. this I’d the major reason people are into double standards

119. Why do we have much more empathy for ourselves than that for others?

Because we love ourselves the most… when I love myself the most ,it blinds me .. take any person whom you like so much whether it’s a celebrity or a sports personality, you go to any extent to support, defend them… when you like a person, whatever he does it looks right for you… this is the nature of human beings … same way since I love myself the most , I will go to any extent to justify my mistakes…I will emphathise with whatever i do irrespective of whether it’s right or wrong……

120. How do I get used to good habits?

Anything forcibly make it and start doing it … doing it regularly at a particular time or during the course of the day will become a discipline … do it consecutively, consistently for a month can make your body , mind get used to that … at any cost except for some emergencies doing it regularly will make your mind work like an alarm to implement that activity…

For example excercising, meditation, avoiding excessive usage of mobile phones , studying , going to sleep in right time …

Even bad habits can be avoided by forcibly making it regular… for example smoking, drinking alchohol etc… forgetting a person which can bring positive to you , can also be possible if you move away from them .. out of sight becomes out of mind… mind gets used to anything if it becomes a regular practice ..

121. How do I get over the fear of the future and overcome unnecessary anxiety and tension?

Be in the present… if you plan something to be achieved, write down total master plan with schedule, priority of related activities… everyday from that plan you do whatever that is planned for that particular day….see that atleast its attempted… now start focussing only in the activity slated for that moment or day.. whenever anxious thoughts relate to your future comes , just blank those thoughts… you feel like developing or justifying it … dont do all that… blanking it whenever it comes will lead to a point of time where these thoughts will fade away from your mind… keep your mind calm realised by practicing meditation regularly…

Develop the attitude of acceptance… anything put in your efforts genuinely and mostly you shall get it.. if you are not getting it , then accept it.. acceptance gives instant relief… face any issue as and when it comes… now if you think about that it will look big and you get anxiety… focus in the present and when the date arrives to face that issue you are scared , it will look nothing… you will feel so silly about why you wasted all these days thinking about it . ..never get immersed in the past glories as it will affect the present and future… past will feel good most of the time as the results are known already…

122. Some of my friends are going abroad, and they are uploading pics on FB. I’m feeling depressed and jealous due to inferiority complex because I want to be like them. I don’t have the money. What should I do to get rid of it?

Mind always wants what its deprived of… mind wants what it doesn’t have or what it’s not able to , irrespective of whether its required or not…working abroad or going abroad is another happening for people…. They will get bored after sometime and they feel like coming back home … infact after some time looking at the cultural / town / village life here they feel like coming and being here… they envy our life and once they come here , they will post the pictures of being here very proudly … if they are unable to come here , they will envy whoever is posting such pictures ..

So it’s always greener on the other side….you have to realise this and act accordingly… if it is required or really needed put in your efforts to get it… if it’s not required leave it… just for the sake of others having it , dont go for it… if you succumb to others actions , then its like they are only leading your life…

123. Why can’t humans stop comparing themselves to others?

By nature humans want to be on safer side… if a student get some lower marks, immediately he check whether someone’s mark is lower or equal to his … if its lower or in the same range then he is ok with it… even a working person gets some salary , he immediately compares it with someone… if he is in the same range or lower than , then he is ok with it …but when he goes to the lowest level in comparison with others, gets panicked… certain people who are strong in.mind they work on that and come out of it successfully.. some people who are weak in.mind become depressed and never come out of it…

Most of the people wants to lead a normal ordinary life .. very few ones want to be on top or to be the odd one out….f they are in equal comparison with others then they feel the life is ok… for this reason alone they need comparison very badly …this is the reason most of the humans cant be without comparing with others

124. How should one avoid jealousy, especially with neighbours?

Jealousy is a kind of insecurity in which you always feel the other person would be given more importance than you … the more you think about it , it happens… you get tensed , stressed, irritated and shout with others… this is not only a concern with neighbours and it’s even with relatives , colleagues etc…

How to get over it..

Firmly think that all are equal and infact it’s TRUE 100 percent…. treat every one equally so that you will also be treated equally.,.. its karma based … firmly believe it’s been you and god ..firmly believe in all are equally talented and god gives you the opportunity to make it happen for your achievement…. this makes you humble .. don’t take it to your head ..when a winning or favourable situation happens don’t get excited and celebrate it.. .. be mute .. dedicate the positive situation to the almighty… so that you will be quiet when a negative situation happens…

according to the almighty success is not about making money , having power , popularity… humans only created success level in terms of gaining money , power, popularity etc… according to the almighty success is about the genuine efforts you are taking , how ethical you are to various situations and the service you are doing to others..

If you develop all these attitudes , jealousy will run away from you…

125. Have you wanted to have no emotions?

By nature humans have emotions.. life won… life won’t be interesting without emotions… but see that the emotions are not affecting you or not putting you down.. how to have controllable emotions… practise meditation and breathing based pranayamas to keep your body, mind in a calm state .. once the body , mind in calm state then you can have controllable emotions.

126. Is 40 years of age too late to begin a sorting life out?

If Life can be started at any age … it’s all mind only .. it’s not the age or physique counts . May be age and physique will have some impact after 75 years naturally.. till then with a calm mind which is of no expectations, emotions , non reactive and acceptance nature , the life can be amazing… infact after 40 you have the advantage of maturity, experience to achieve anything easily.

127.What is a no-nonsense attitude? How do you develop one?

No nonsense attitude is developing a calm mind with no expectations, controllable emotions, non reacting and acceptance nature … if you are able to develop this then you will be the happiest person..

You can get this mind only by practising meditation and breathing based pranayamas regularly.. meditation do it twice a day.

128. A man is only as good as his word. How true is this?

I believe it is a golden rule. If a man can’t be trusted to do what he says he can do or will do then he isn’t worth much to me. It’s really a matter of perspective though. I have friends that never carry out what they say they will do but they will come get you if you’re broke down and help you out of a bind every time but if you expect them to show up to help paint your house like they said they would.. It isn’t happening… they will say that they are going to help but never show. I still count them as friends. So I am flexible on that saying.

129. How do I cope up by getting hurt again and again just because I take things so personally from the people?

Because you are emotional, you have expectations , you react to unnecessary things , you have this problem..

Practise meditation and breathing based pranayamas so that your mind becomes realised , calm .. now create a mind without expectations, without much emotions , of non reactive nature.. with this you can solve and be happy.

130. What are some mind-changing concepts or facts?

Too much of emotions, positive or negative vibes, the mindset of people surrounding you , having expectations, immediate but temporary pleasures, impatience to wait for a permanent solution, having too much anger , physical fitness and of course food , these all play a crucial role in influencing your mind…

131. What are some of the best ways to quit the habit of over-analysing people?

First of all everyone’s nature is different and due to so many factors it happens… genetically, biologically, the nature of people surrounded, situation, circumstances these all play the major part in determining one’s character.. with this obviously you cannot expect what you expect from people…

So study someone to a minimum even to medium extent since it helps to take certain decisions and analyzing too much is a criminal waste… it kills your precious time.. by way of ethical tell them what you expect from them and if its happening, it’s ok… if it’s not happening ACCEPT, EMPHATHISE them with their nature..

Accept as if its happening for good

132. When everything is okay, I still suddenly feel demotivated or depressed. Why does this happen?

This usually happens when you leave the mind to go it’s way… when you feel everything is ok, your mind starts thinking that some issue should be there to get disturbed… it searches searches searches and think about issues to be developed, worried… even some issues are solved , it can be still developed and worried… never think that you dont have issues and everything is ok… go with the motions, keep your mind calm through meditation , live in the present and blank the unnecessary thoughts whenever it comes… consecutively leaving blank on unnecessary thoughts whenever it comes will lead to a point of time where these thoughts will fade away from your mind…

133. How do I control my mind?

You dont have to control forcibly… that’s the reason meditation is taught in a very relaxed way…. While thinking about a mantra during meditation if your mind goes to other thoughts, we teach them to let it go… but slowly you have to realise and comeback to mantra… we suggest not to forcibly think about mantra… mind is like a monkey and it jumps to so many thoughts… we teach them to let it go to other thoughts, realise and comeback to mantra… consistent practice of this mind excercise of meditation will help you to relax and over a period of time you will start being focused in mantra.. through this regular practice you will start focussing on certain things if you want to…

Herein you get the control of your mind… you will start being focused on certain things and can get away easily from unnecessary thoughts…

Also the technique of blanking the unnecessary thoughts can help you to focus on certain things.. according to this technique , you have to blank mind whenever you get unnecessary thoughts… consecutively leaving blank on those thoughts whenever it comes will lead to a point of time where these thoughts will fade away from your mind… meditation forms the basis for learning this technique easily…

These are the ways you can control your mind easily…

134. Are we responsible for the way we think or what we think?

Yes… sometimes we will have negative situations and it leads us to have negative thinking.. but there are situations where the almighty gives opportunities , realisation and people to think positively… some people take it positively and change… some people out of laziness , impatience ( lot ones want pleasures immediately)and inability to overcome instant pleasures are unable to take advantage out of it… you can call it’s their responsibility to know it’s good or bad… but still some people are going towards it , inspite of almighty gives an opportunity to know it’s bad… so you think negative, bad inspite of the realization you get…

From this clearly its shown that you are clearly responsible for the way you think and what you think..

135. Why did I lose my confidence in my studies (after I left my coaching institute)? I used to be the topper of my class and now I have left with merely a month for my exams. What should I do to bring my confidence and my concentration back?

The reason of coaching institute can be a psychological factor.. coaching institute is not a constant factor… type of coaching , tutors vary from place to place .. but not your mind which is a constant factor.. if you have the chance of joining again that institute is there , join… otherwise plan yourself… plan everyday how many chapters to study and set strictly some time for that ….don’t study throughout the day… give rest to mind for some time… listen to music and talk to your favourites friends for sometime…have some physical activity like walking , sports for sometime.. if you allot 6 hours for study in your plan, strictly study only for 6 hours … now whenever you get fearful , anxious thoughts about your exams or about your confidence levels, simply blank those thoughts… simply blanking these unnecessary negative thoughts whenever it comes, will lead to a point of time where these thoughts will fade away from your mind…

Spend some time everyday on visualizing as if you have done the exams well and coming out with flying colors.. now this will create sources , confidence, mind for you to study well…

Learn ,practice meditation regularly to get concentration and focus on what you do…

136. Can you write something that will make me believe in karma?

Karma is very simple and 100 percent true in this Principle “ if you do good , you shall face good .. do bad face bad…” but some question may arise .. even people doing good karma are facing bad karmas … it can be karmas of previous births according to some religions and of course there is some validity in that … leave alone there is validity or invalidity… irrespective of good or bad karmas a good karma doing person face , he has to continue doing good karmas only.. if he gets dejected over facing bad karmas and start doing bad , then his bad karma account will have more credits… but if he continues doing good karmas , there is a chance that his bad karma account will get debited.. and more over for the good karmas , his future of facing good karmas are guaranteed..

but you can ask how a good karma doing person in the present has to face the bad karmas which relates to his previous birth without getting affected emotionally.. here the Spiritual excercises help to overcome this… meditation, pranayamas help you to keep your body mind calm and accept when these kind of things happen… you will accept , be calm irrespective of anything and continue doing good things.

137. What are some priceless aspects of life ignored by most people?

Simple thing what we usually have ignorance is that our minds are so blissful, calm in the mornings after a good sleep… so when the mind is given much needed rest its becoming calm and blissful… when the mind is calm, the mind has great creativity and clarity and even going into realization of so many things.. so the same way how to make your mind calm in larger part of the day… give rest to the mind at regular intervals… meditation is the best way to give rest to the mind… at regular intervals if you do meditation, mind becomes calm , creative and has lot of clarity in whatever we decide and do…

Ultimately your life becomes calm and amazing throughout irrespective of anything.

138. What are the signs of a weak minded person and a strong minded person?

Strong minded person will be able to control emotions and keep calm… he will be non reactive to unnecessary things and will not have much expectations..they will accept things as if its happening for good…

the following is a myth

People think that those who are very ethical , perfect, having excellent character, having tendencies to help others are very strong minded ..
Same way the people who are doing bad things , having bad characters , wrong attitudes , negativity are all weak minded …

mind strength relates to only controlling the emotions , being non reactive to unnecessary things, not having expectations.. ethical good people can still be affected if they dont possess the above mind strength characters
Same way a bad character person having the above mentioned mind strength characters will never be affected .. he will be a strong minded personality except for having to face karma related issues …

139. How important is the mindset in achieving success?

Creating the mindset is the most important aspect to achieve success..its almost 99 percent reason for becoming a successful person..

First you need the right calm mind to know what’s your real purpose , ambition… this you get only when your mind is calm… once its finalized then you need a calm mind to have clarity and creativity about your proposal … then you need the right mind to write down the planning with priority of the proposal to achieve… then comes very important one… the implementation… lot of people fail at this… negativity, confusion comes here… here you have a very big calm realised mind with courage and real drive to go for the implementation… then discipline comes… again you need a very calm consistent mindset to follow the discipline…

If all these done then 100 percent you are SUCCESSFUL

look at the process above .. throughout it requires the right calm mindset…

140. How important is the mindset in achieving success?

Creating the mindset is the most important aspect to achieve success..its almost 99 percent reason for becoming a successful person..

First you need the right calm mind to know what’s your real purpose , ambition… this you get only when your mind is calm… once its finalized then you need a calm mind to have clarity and creativity about your proposal … then you need the right mind to write down the planning with priority of the proposal to achieve… then comes very important one… the implementation… lot of people fail at this… negativity, confusion comes here… here you have a very big calm realised mind with courage and real drive to go for the implementation… then discipline comes… again you need a very calm consistent mindset to follow the discipline…

If all these done then 100 percent you are SUCCESSFUL

look at the process above .. throughout it requires the right calm mindset…

141. How can I stay calm when someone scolds or blames me?

This is the best case to learn how to be non reactive to unnecessary things… if you react to this, then they have a control on you.. they can say anything to make you stressed and react…

Create a good connect between you and the almighty as if he knows the truth and he is watching everything… .. if the person’s blame is right and ethical , you will try to correct it.. if it’s wrong then you dont have to bother as karma theory will take care of his actions…

Reacting to others comments is like throwing stone on a dirty water…. It will splash on you only…

Again sometimes even if others blame is true too instead of taking corrective measures, you will get affected emotionally.. do meditation and breathing based pranayamas regularly to control your emotions.. practice of meditation and breathing based pranayamas makes you calm , non reactive to unnecessary things…

142. What are some differences between rich people’s mindsets and poor people’s mindsets?

Most of the rich ( in terms of money only) people think that it’s their luck , talent and destiny have made them rich…they think that others are not destined and talented… they become arrogant through the respect they get in the society… They think that they can buy health, happiness , popularity, power through money… but health and happiness which are the most important aspects of life cannot be bought through money…though they realise that they have to face the other half of the circle , they are unable to accept it when it comes to reality… they cannot bear the other half of the circle coming up that too in terms of money … they are so anxious about retaining the status , develops a fear and stressed.. sometimes they lose the status out of fear…. Though they have money , power their mind thinks about what they don’t have which is likely to be happiness , health

Most of the poor people long for money which they dont have … they think that only money can buy happiness , though they get good affection , love…. they think that they are unlucky and destined to be poor.. they are depressed over this… because of this their status declines more… they never count on what they have and they want only money…they think that money can buy everything…..most of them have very lower confidence levels…though they are healthy due to the physical strain they undergo , do not give value to the fact that they are healthy….positive aspect is that they have the drive somehow to come up…

143. How do I change someone’s views and attitude toward me?

Whatever you do andif if it’s wrong,.then definitely others view would be negative… here you have to change yourself… go into realization , make your mind calm by doing meditation regularly… once you are into realization with a calm mind then you can change yourself… after this others view towards you will change… if it’s not changing too dont bother about it.. because when you are ethical, doing good things most of them will be good towards you. But still some people has not changed their view , then its their mistake . Once you are good , ethical you dont have to bother about others views.. because its everyone’s nature and the way they look at things differs … if you change according to others views then its them leading your life and not you.. eachone’s situations and circumstances make them to look at a particular oblect/situation/ person in various dimensions.. live according to your views subject to it’s being ethical.

144. How do I change someone’s views and attitude toward me?

Whatever you do andif if it’s wrong,.then definitely others view would be negative… here you have to change yourself… go into realization , make your mind calm by doing meditation regularly… once you are into realization with a calm mind then you can change yourself… after this others view towards you will change… if it’s not changing too dont bother about it.. because when you are ethical, doing good things most of them will be good towards you. But still some people has not changed their view , then its their mistake . Once you are good , ethical you dont have to bother about others views.. because its everyone’s nature and the way they look at things differs … if you change according to others views then its them leading your life and not you.. eachone’s situations and circumstances make them to look at a particular oblect/situation/ person in various dimensions.. live according to your views subject to it’s being ethical.

145. Is worry/anxiety a just thought of mind or is it a deep feeling of heart?

Anxiety is the base for worries…

There are two anxiety based worries.. one is about your future or about any issues which gets formed out of your negative thoughts , emotions , expectations, which can be a deep feeling of your heart…and this takes some time to get formed…this happens with people who have negativity, weak.minded and of high emotions

The second anxiety happens with both people of positivity/ negativity and strong minded / weak minded.. this happens instantly… for example a freak accident happens or suddenly some one close to you becoming critical.. here both the positive/negative, strong minded/weak minded guy can become anxious and will turn into worries … here it’s just a thought of mind.

146. Why do children refuse to listen to their parents’ advice?

Children listen to others but not listening to parents these are the reasons mostly
1. Close proximity and they know what parents are doing each and every moment…. so you may not be able to be 100 percent perfect…. so when you say to be perfect they will not , because they see you being imperfect in some situations which is natural..

2. Easy availability…they will not be excited with you… but you go out of country and come back after a month , then they will be excited to see you… whereas others they are seeing very rarely … so it looks exciting when they see them… but when they come to live with them throughout then they too look boring…

3. And third emotions… you are closely associated with them and emotionally they take advantage of you…. you are emotionally attached to them so you can’t be strict with them…. when children say emotionally something inspite of it’s being wrong parents do that… fail to say NO leads to lot of complications over a period… later on they use this emotional black mail to have their things done … it’s natural that when you are so emotionally close that there will be arguments , expectations, possessiveness ,which leads to being not listening to you , not behaving with you properly

But overall children should get into realization that parents are the best well wishers and start listening to them..